Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2014 – 1 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2014 – 1 Star

Are you prepared for 2014 year of Yang Wood Horse

Are you really prepared for 2014?

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Kan 1 White In 2014 resides in the Southwest.

Flying Stars 2014 1 Star Kan

In element Kan is water. In the physical body, it is the ear. Internal organ it is the kidneys and it is also blood.

Kan water #1 when located in the southwest signifies health issues; this is especially the case if there is a bedroom in the southwest this year. There may also be problems to the ear this year so please be aware of this.

If  you have a bedroom in the southwest in 2014, you should place a Wu-Lou beside your bed to counteract the effects. Career and business aspects will be good if you have a main door or office here so there can be mixed results depending on the type of room that is present in the southwest. If you work from home, it would be a good idea to use a room in the southwest as an office this year.

Bedroom Feng Shui 2014

If you have children with a bedroom in this sector of the house, there is a risk that they could suffer hearing difficulties which could affect their studies. Make sure that they remain healthy and get necessary health checks throughout the year.

Childrens bedroom Feng Shui for 2014

Blue may be a good colour scheme for the room to dissipate the effects and does not just have to be applied by painting the walls; you can also apply colour with beddings, throw-over, lampshades etc… If their bed is also located in this corner of the room, remember to place a brass wu-lou in the southwest corner of the bedroom. If this is also a study area for children or adults, place a metal abacus in the southwest corner of the study to enhance this.

How to use colour in your home for the Annual Flying Stars for 2014

If you have an office or business you may find that that shops or offices with a door located to this southwest palace will generally do well but may go through problematic moments throughout the year. Success can be achieved only with dedications and hard work. To enhance your success this year, you should place a metal abacus and/or a round 12 coin ball with red tassel. This is a very powerful enhancer for the #1 star for wealth luck.

If you have a study in your home that is located in the southwest and especially so if this is used by your children, it would be beneficial to place a Kwan Yin in the southwest corner of the study to enhance study and concentration for children.

Good Feng Shui directions for studies in 2014

Wu Lou

If your main door falls into the southwest in 2014, you should place a six hollow metal rod wind chime along with a 12 coin ball to activate the #1 star.

If you are currently suffering from an illness, you have an elderly family member or are expecting a child; I would highly recommend that you avoid this area during 2014. In the year of the Horse, the south would make a much better choice as a bedroom for the year. If you do not have the option to relocate bedrooms this year, please make sure that the bed is located in a good sector of the room being the south, north or west corners. You can place a brass wu-lou on the southwest corner of the bed.

It is essential to place a shen chi cure in the southwest in 2014 which can be found on our website

Cure and enhancement summary for #1 star in southwest in 2014

  • Hang a six rods hollow metal wind chime here if this is your front door.
  • A brass Wu-Lou would be a good cure for a bedroom along with blue colours.
  • Place a metal abacus and or a round metal wealth pot filled with coins on your office desk if your office is also in the southwest sector.
  • If this is a study, an abacus will help enhance studies.
  • Hang a 12 coin ball tied with red ribbon, this is a very powerful wealth enhancer and perfect for the SW
  • Tsai Shen Yeh (God of wealth) in a gold colour is very good for protecting and enhancing your wealth for the year in the SW. It must be gold colour though to represent metal.
  • An essential enhancer in 2014 is a sheng chi cure.

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