How to find your Feng Shui facing direction in an apartment

Finding your Feng Shui facing direction in an apartment

It seems that apartments, flats, tower blocks, penthouses and suites are popping up all over the world at the moment to accommodate the growing global population and with Feng Shui as popular as ever, we receive a great deal of emails and phone calls asking how to find the facing direction of an apartment.

Sadly, there is no quick answer for this and it can be a bit tricky to advise over the phone or in an email so we have decided to write this article to help clear up how to take an accurate Compass reading and determine the facing direction of your apartment.

Traditional apartment buildings

Traditional Feng Shui Apartment

A traditional type of apartment building consists of no more than five floors or less (also known as ‘walk-up’ apartments) with a small foyer. The apartment units are well defined and are usually two units to each floor.

In cases like this, the facing of this type of apartment will naturally coincide with the facing of the building itself which is a very easy way to take a reading where you would take a compass reading from the front door and also the left and right side of the building.

In the photo on the left, you would take the compass reading from the front door at the bottom of the apartment and also the left and right side of the building facing the same direction as when you took a reading from the front door.

If you get stuck when taking a compass reading, it is always best to take a reading from a few different positions while facing the same direction and taking the average reading from your results to be sure that there is no metal interfering with your readings.

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Multi story apartment complex and high rise buildings

Next we have the multi-storey apartment complex and the high rise apartment building. Determining the facing direction of these apartments can be difficult. In many cases, the apartment units may have a different facing direction from the main building itself.

With multi-storey apartments and high rise apartment buildings, we believe that it is the facing direction of the apartment unit and not that of the building that determines the Feng Shui of the apartment. This is especially so with modern high rise apartments where each apartment faces a different direction with its own scenic view and balcony. You can usually get a feel for the facing direction of the apartment simply by walking around it.

Locate the windows with the most exposed views. One very effective method is to ask yourself, which direction would you generally face when you are sitting inside the apartment? If you are still unsure, you should go outside the apartment building, locate your apartment unit and see which way it faces.

Once you know your facing direction take your compass reading outside the block. If this is not possible, stand by your windows with the compass outside the window and take as many reading as you can making sure that you are not standing near any metallic objects (e.g. metal security grill, radiator etc).

Now that you know how to take a compass reading in an apartment, tower block, penthouse, suite, loft and studio building, you can start planning our the Flying Star Chart for your apartment; take a look at the related articles below for more information…

54 thoughts on “How to find your Feng Shui facing direction in an apartment

  1. Hello!

    I’m in an backward J shaped building facing a parking lot. The main road is a north south street at the top of the J. The entrance to my group of units faces south and the parking lot. Once inside, my front door is on the east side of the unit. The front door walks into a hall with a kitchen on the north side and a living room on the south side. Do you know what would be considered the front? Thank you so much!!!!

    1. Hi KB,

      From what you’ve said, it sounds as though the south of the building would be the facing direction of your home as this is the main entrance. If you were to take a photo from the outside to list the unit for sale, consider which side of the building you would photograph as this is usually classed as your facing direction in most cases.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Great, thank you so much! So I’ve been using the apartment unit door on the East side as the front but I guess the south side is the front. I only have 2 rooms on that side (living south east corner and bedroom is southwest corner) and the buildings front door is below the common area stairwell just east of my unit. Would I line up the career section between the 2 rooms or would that be my living room? I do have one pantry that extends in the common area over the buildings front door.

        Haha- the new front makes it a little more complicated I think.

        1. Hi KB,

          I’m afraid it’s quite hard to accurately advise on facing directions when trying to visualise the home. If you can send me a photo of the floorplan on our Facebook page with compass markers, I’ll be able to advise better 🙂

          Kind regards,

  2. where can be place the water fountain in 2020 and then where and when in 2021 please
    and i have so many lamps i love lamp light where can be place lights
    i hope 2021 will be much better i am fire goat and is so many years we strugle like fish out of water i hope something will happen to change that
    thank you so much and i hope everyone is ok i wish you health and wealth

      1. Thank you so much and can I ask which one is more important ?
        The periodic star or the annual ? For ex I am goat and periodic one is 5 but annual is 4 shall I take care of 5 or the 4
        And if I live in the rent but my apartment is in România which one is more important ?
        Because I am really confuse sometimes is like nothing work
        Thank you so much 🙏

        1. Hi Corina,

          The annual star will have a stronger influence over the fixed stars so it is always best to treat them accordingly and find a balance. If you have a fixed 5 star, you can introduce metal colours for the fixed star and also introduce water colours for the annual star as this will create a balance between the energies.

          I would recommend treating the place where you are living.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

  3. I am redecorate the apartment all my windows are in east and the main door is w2 on the third floor the ap is wagon and the main entrance is like I said w2 in the kitchen so kitchen is practically all nw W and n a bit
    Is anything I need to know when I decorate the kitchen ? Please
    I can’t afford another place
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Corina,

      I would recommend decorating the kitchen in a netural light colour and then introduce the appropriate elements in the three different compass sectors that the kitchen falls in to.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi Michael,

    I’m renting a room with private bath in a shared apartment, how can I make flying star chart in this case?

    1. Hi Irina,

      I would map out the stars for the whole home if you are able to. If this is not possible, you would map them out in your bedroom.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel! Thank you very much for your reply. As the other 2 bedrooms are occupied by other people I can’t measure them and draft a plan of the entire apartment. I can do only entrance hall, living, kitchen and my room, if this would be better than just my room alone. In case mapping out a part of apartment in this way is not acceptable, could you please advise on how to find the facing of my bedroom?

        The entrance door to it is at a corner of the kitchen (which is shared by 4 people including myself and not very heavily used). And the wall with my door is opposite and parallel to the wall with the front door of the apartment. The door of my room is not facing any other door: the kitchen door is on the wall perpendicular to it, and the front door is in the opposite corner of the wall opposite and parallel to the wall with my room entrance, so my room door and front door are positioned diagonally.

        The room has a window on the wall that is side of the entire building and it faces a side of the building next to it along the street, although there is quite a bit of space between them. When looking out of the window, I can also see buidings on the other side of the street (the street is perpendicular to the side of the buiding where my window is but I can see some of its other side diagonally, and it’s quite broad and lively). So, if I’ll have to map out just my room, should I consider the wall with the window as my facing? I would think the street view is more yang energy than the entrance from the kitchen, am I right? Thank you.


        1. Hi Irina,

          I would map out your own living space and count the other two rooms as missing sectors as you have no control over these areas. The facing direction is usually the side with the most windows and energy coming in.

          I’m afraid it’s very hard to visualise the room and I wouldn’t want to give the wrong advice. I would spend some time looking around the apartment to see which side feels like it has the most active energy coming in and also outside.

          Kind regards,

  5. Hi Michael!

    Hope this finds you well. I’m moving on the 23rd/24th of Feb 2019 to another apartment. According to the broker, the apartment bldg’s main door faces the South and that’s exactly the direction my unit door faces. The thing that bothers me though is that when I go out of my unit, my door is right in front of another door with stairs that lead down to the basement where the common laundry area for all tenants is located. And the distance from my door to the basement door is so close, more or less 12inches. Another thing, since my unit is small, there’s no other way but to place my sofa by the window which from what I read is not a good feng shui. What should I do?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Lucy,

      It can be very hard to get a house with perfect Feng Shui so I always recommend making the best out of what you have. Try to keep the home clean and airy when the weather is good.

      The sofa will be fine by the window although if you are sitting there at night, I would close the curtains. This only really applies if the sofa is under a window with your back to the window; even then, I would not worry about this too much if you have the curtains closed.

      Good luck in your new home, Lucy!

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you Michael! Your reply gave me relief. How about my main door that is aligned to the basement door with stairs going down? Is there a cure for that? Because it blocks my main entrance and has descending stairs.

        Warm Regards!

  6. If I stand in the front door looking out, my house facing is SW2. But if I move to the center of the house, the front door reading turned to S. I am confused. I do I get an accurate reading for the sector of the house?

    1. Hi Lyeo,

      It sounds as though you are experiencing metal interference when taking a reading. I would suggest taking a reading with your back to your home on the left, middle and right side of the home and then take an average reading between the three numbers.

      Kind regards,

  7. Hi, Can you help me in determining my apartment’s facing direction? I can send you the address. It is a second floor apartment. The main building door faces south. My apartment door faces east. The main wall of windows to the Main Street faces south. Female 1984 and Male 1986 thank you!

  8. Hi, I Live in Apartment & missing SE..Basically SE sector is Lift & stairs
    2nd Floor Apartment..Toilet & Bathroom & Kitchen are in NW Sector. Entrance Building Apartment is in E facing building SW, Bedrooms are N,NE & E & S sectors. My KUA is 8 or 5 Female..Do you thong is a good Apartment to live?? What should I do with missing SE??

    Many Thanks..

    1. Hi MK,

      I’m afraid I am unable to advise without personally visiting your apartment.

      If you have a missing sector, it means that you will not benefit from any good stars here or suffer from any negative stars.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hi
    I have been looking for months a guide to dealing with my apartment situation. The info her has been amazing, i still need a little bit of help. My building has 2 apts per floor, i had one and bought the other recently renovating the place to have the entire floor. The elevators are in the dead center of the floor, and the door to the apt will be in front of one of the elevators. And the place will wrap around completely. I have 360 views. I cant say that one side receives more light than the other. Im still confused as to where should i put my compass for direction. If i put the bagua on the door as i usually do, half of the place is “hanging” and would be just extension of the edges… seems to empty for me.

    1. Hi Damaris,

      This can be very hard to advise without visiting the property as it can be very easy to give the wrong information in this case. I would recommend posting pictures on our Facebook page for myself and the community to give their opinion. Here is the link

      Kind regards,

  10. Good evening,

    I’m trying to determine my facing and sitting sides. I live between floors 1 – 5 of a 20-story high rise. The front of the building faces approx. 288 degrees, my balcony faces approx. 18 degrees (unit front door is opposite- 198 degrees), most of the light enters my large 9ft. balcony glass door. I recently remodeled my kitchen so it’s an open layout and I changed the wall colors in my living, dining areas and kitchen. My career and love, specifically, have been struggling since before the remodel, and more so after the remodel.

    Do I use my balcony door, the entrance to my unit or the front of the building as my facing/sitting directions?

    1. Hi Ag,

      If you can send me your address, I can take a look at your apartment and advise you better. I will remove your address from the post before I publish it.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a apartment. the apartment’s balcony is facing the carpark? Do you foresee any issues with that please? Thanks v much.

    1. Hi Yan,

      When picking a home, there is a lot to think of although a car park should not cause problems.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hi. I could use help with facing directions that I should care about. I will move soon into an apartment building. Castle gate of property complex faces north. When I enter the gate I am heading south. I turn right onto the smaller ( but busy with people ) road in front of my apartment heading west. My apartment building faces south . I enter my building heading north so I guess my building sits north. My apartment door faces East. When entering my apartment door I am heading west so my apartment sits west. I have a large glass sliding door that leads onto a north facing balcony. I plan to spend a lot of time in this balcony looking out at the view. All windows are on north side spanning northwest to north east at least 3 small windows and the large sliding door onto the balcony. The balcony is covered and there is a large tree in the that is nearby and center to the balcony view. What facing direction should I primarily use? The complex was erected in 1962 but renovated in 2003. I will move in 2017. My Kua is 8 and ken (and earth) and Rooster. Please help. I am not sure what to do. Can I risk being a west house person in a east place?

    1. Hi Yo,

      If you can send me your full address and I will see if I can advise from there.

      I would not worry too much about moving in to a east group house, just be sure to face your auspicious directions for sleeping etc.

      Kind regards,

  13. Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your great work and sharing it online! My partner and I just moved into a high rise flat. It is an open loft, so spaces are defined with furniture arrangement. It is sort of an L shape (but almost a perfect rectangle at the same time if you image just the the border walls) and omit curve of the windows. We are on the 11th floor, and we have beautifully arched bay windows and curved balcony facing the sunset (southwest) but as pretty as it is, it has made for challenging decorating now that we have moved in. We would love your guidance. Using my iPhone compass, the front door is 60 degrees north east and the bay windows are 217 SW. I’m not sure how to use the map grid as a tool for ideal placement and getting a flow of that good-good. Currently, we have the master bed on the small part of the L, with the headboard against the back wall, but I interpret the feng shui map (if I’m doing it correctly) as positioning the master bed under the bay windows or on the top of the long part of the “L” . I was born in 73 and my partner in 88, If that is also a consideration. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Soul,

      I’m afraid it is very hard to recommend without visiting a property and I would not want to give you wrong advice. I would recommend following the Annual Flying star advice here: there is a lot of free suggestions you can use to make the most of your loft.

      Sorry I cannot be more help, Soul but I would not want to recommend something and cause problems.

      Kind regards,

  14. Hi,
    I am an avid fan of your works and theories of Fengshui! incredible amount of information you are sharing freely here! truly appreciate that and great karma!
    I have some quick questions and concept clarification

    Say if i stays on level 4 in a unit with a clear East facing, as that is the side with most windows, sun energy, water flowing or even people walking below as you sometimes described.
    But for that entire hi rise apartment block, it is facing west, because the hi rise apartment ground floor where all the residents comes in and out and is the only entrance to the block.
    Can we say the apartment block faces the west and the unit faces east? does this make sense?

    And then say using 8 mansion method, we determine the best sector for an individual with the relevant Gua number to dwell in, eg NorthWest sector of the entire building.
    So now we have this chosen unit in the NW sector of a building, but faces East as describe above. Again, does this makes sense?
    My last question is does this NW sector of an entire building have more importance in fengshui terms? and we should address the cures and enhancers for the entire unit per se,i.e being in the NW sector? and then subsequently address the cures and enhancers for the unit that is facing east, with its own sectorial cures and enhancers..
    not sure if i am making any sense..but any help would be fantastic..thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Li,

      When determining the facing direction of an apartment, you will focus on your own personal space rather than the whole building and from what you have said, it sounds as though your apartment faces the east. From what you’ve said, the whole building faces west and your apartment would be in the northwest sector of the building.

      Each apartment in that building could have a different Flying Star chart as the direction and layout could be different and without looking, you would not know which one was best for you.

      I hope this answers your questions, Li.

      Kind regards,

  15. I live in a fourplex apartment building. It has a busy street to the west and downhill with a city view and a very large bay 4 miles away. To the east is uphill. Quiet garden to the north, east, and south with a wider yard in the south. The door to the building is on the south side. I’m pretty sure the building as a whole is west facing, east sitting.

    I live in the rear bottom floor apartment. My door faces west but there are no windows on my west apartment wall. My door opens to the common hallway with a stairway and indirect light. The best view and biggest windows in my apartment are south facing.

    2 questions:
    1 – Does my apartment face south?
    2 – Can I map the flying stars of the surrounding yard based on the sitting of the building as a whole or my apartment? I am the only person who tends the yard and the one who uses it most (besides the local wildlife and migratory birds).

    I appreciate any advice you can offer.


    1. Hi Janina,

      Could you send me your address using the ask a question tab on the left side of the website. I will be able to get a better look of the layout and give you more accurate advice.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you Daniel! I’ve sent my address via the question tab. Can I please pay you a consulting fee for your generous offer of help?

  16. Hi Michael,

    I am considering a condo unit at level 22. The main door faces Northeast, while the living room/ balcony faces Southeast slightly. Does it mean that the unit is Southeast facing? Would this facing be good for birth year 1975 and 1984? Thanks.

    1. Hi Nana,

      I would need to know genders of who was born in 75 & 84 and it sounds like it would be facing SE if that is where most window are located. Let me know know?
      Kind regards

  17. Hi Michael, I’m planning to get an apartment on the ground floor of an apartment complex. It has a large balcony/terrace facing the north towards a large outdoor communal square/garden shared by the residents, however, there’s a communal trash chute 2-3 meters away just facing my balcony. Would this be a big issue? Thank you

    1. Hi Lucy,

      I would not say it is that bad, most home i see nowadays have plastic bins right by their main entrance or outside window and it cause them no problems at all so i would not be concerned about it. In an ideal world you have have a balcony looking onto a stunning lake with undulating mountains in the background but in the real world this would come at a high price. Having those trash shoots are fine but maybe place a plant or small tree between you and the shoots.

      Hope this helps

      Kind regards


  18. Hi Daniel,

    I plan to buy a condo on 4th floor. The main/entrance door is on the southwest. The living room and balcony are facing the northwest. Is that mean my condo facing in northwest direction? Thank you very much in advanced.

    1. Hi Raymond,
      You are correct, from what you have told me the facing direction would be northwest.
      Good luck

  19. Daniel I have just moved into an apartment on the 3rd floor. The main door to enter building is north and the door to get in apartment is west, however the busy street and balcony is located on the east. which direction do I use. I also have son getting apt on first floor with no entry access on outside. I can emai floor plans.

    1. Hi Shelly,

      From the information you have given, I would suggest that the east is your facing direction if you have big windows opening out towards the east. If the east only has small windows, I would go with the west.

      I hope this helps, Shelly.

      Kind regards,

  20. Hi,

    Can i use the balcony of my apartment as a facing direction while taking compass reading as this provides maximum light ,open space and air. My main door has a neighbour\’s door opposite to it and it does not provide air/light. Pls advice.

    1. Hi Monika,

      From what you have described, I would say this would be the facing direction although this is only based on what you have told me.

      Kind regards,

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