Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection: 20 Negative Sha Qi Examples

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Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection: 20 Negative Sha Qi Examples


For those who are unversed, Sha Qi is negative energy. It refers to Feng Shui or the Inauspicious Qi that develops due to poorly built housing structures. It is believed that Sha Qi has the power to ruin one’s fortune and continuous exposure is harmful to everyone irrespective of their age. This can negatively affect your relationships, career, health, confidence level, wealth, etc. In order to have good fortune and live a healthy life in terms of all these aspects, it is important to stay away from these Sha Qi. It is believed that the bigger the structure of the building, the more will be the power of Sha Qi.

For your knowledge and protection, we have listed below 20 examples of bad Sha Qi which are as follows:

Feng Shui poison arrows1.      Poison Arrows


It is one of the most common ways through which bad Sha Qi is generated. This Feng Shui poison arrow is a sharp pointing arrow that aims toward your residence. The sharp corners of this arrow create and accumulate the bad energy or Feng Shui which is believed to shoot at high speed in the direction the arrow faces.

If your house is designed in such a way that this arrow faces the main door or any other entrance such as the window, this energy will enter your place. If this arrow faces the front door of your house, then nothing can be worse than that as it will pollute your entire house affecting your surroundings badly. However, if it faces the windows of your house, then you can control and avoid this bad energy by putting up dark-coloured curtains on the window and closing the windows permanently. This acts as a barrier between Feng Shui and the house.

Feng Shui phone tower2.      Phone tower


If the phone tower is located around the back of your house, then it creates a problem. The reason is that firstly you will be in close contact with the electromagnetic fields as the entire locality would be connected to such a cell phone tower. This will lead to a bad temper and the deteriorating health of people living around this tower.

If the phone tower or mast is quite a distance away, this is a good thing as the further away the mast is located, the less influence this will have on a home; it is still wise to weaken the Sha Qi of this with a Ba Gua mirror. Power lines will also generate a lot of electromagnetic energy and Sha Qi if they are located close to a home or office.

Feng Shui danger of wires3.      Wires


All the wires that exist above the ground will again lead to the emission of a lot of electromagnetic radiation. This is detrimental to the health of any individual who is in close proximity to such wires. Living in the middle of a lot of cable wires will create bad Sha Qi for people who live nearby.

I would not worry too much about certain cables such as those clipped to the side of a home for outdoor lighting or television signal as these do not have enough energy to cause a negative impact. main power lines are seen as more of an issue as they create a lot of electromagnetic fields.

Roads and Feng Shui4.      Roads


If your residence is surrounded by a lot of roads, then it is again problematic. It creates a lot of Sha Qi in the surroundings. This is because a lot of construction also happens around such locations which is not good for the surroundings of the house.

This is mainly an issue for busy main roads and motorways; quiet roads that are used for access only would not cause much of an issue unless they suddenly saw a big influx of traffic due to redirected routes.

Feng Shui geopathic stress5.      Geopathic Stress Areas


Such areas are a cumulative place for a lot of bad and negative energy which is primarily caused due to environmental pollution. People living in such areas might be prone to deteriorating health conditions.

Geopathic stress can be all around us and is often hard to find. Geopathic stress has been found to be the most common factor in most serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions. Research suggests that 85% of people that are suffering from ill health are sleeping in a Geopathic Stressed area. You can read more about Geopathic Stress by clicking here.

Sha Qi checklist

Feng Shui T junction6.      T – Junctions


All the houses that are located in areas which have a T junction at the front of the house suffer from the extremely bad effect of Sha Qi. This is because of vehicles which hastily cross the front of the house. This leads to loss of money, health problems, and connection problems with loved ones.

If your building or home is directly opposite a T junction, this is classed as Sha Qi and will have more of a negative impact than if you lived to the side of a T-Junction; the best cure for this is to place a brass cannon or Convex Ba Gua mirror.

Feng Shui effects of construction7.      Construction


If there is construction taking place near your house, it is bad. Especially if cranes are being set up for such construction. This is because a crane forms a position arrow which spreads bad energy around it.

Although construction is normally a temporary thing, it is best to treat this as early as possible as construction sites and renovation projects on a home that are in direct line of your home will cause a lot of noise and disruption which will lead to negative Qi flowing towards your property.

Hospitals and Sha Qi8.      Hospital


If you live in a place which is close to a hospital, then it is highly possible that your place is filled with Sha Qi too. This is because a lot of Yin energy is produced in areas which are not ideal for our surroundings. One should always seek Yang energy in order to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Although a hospital can generate yang energy as well with child birth, a person going into remission and general recovery, this will rarely be enough to counteract the Yin energy that is produced from a hospital.

Cemetery and negative Qi9.      Cemetery/ Burial Site


If your house is in close proximity to a burial site or a cemetery, it is bad for your prosperity. The reason is that the Sha Qi produced in these areas can easily penetrate your house. However, the catch here is that if you cannot look at such a site from your house, then you are safe.

A good resolution to living next to a cemetery or burial site is to plant a hedge or row of trees to block the sight of this area as this will create a barrier for the Sha Qi and will stop it from flowing towards your home.

Feng Shui and places of worship10.   Places of worship


Even though a temple/ church/ mosque is considered to be a sacred place, they emit both positive and negative energy. From happy ceremonies such as weddings or birth, positive energy is emitted but on sad occasions such as sickness of a person or death of a person, negative Sha Qi is produced.

Similar to a hospital, a place of worship can create yang energy although this is not usually enough to counteract the yin energy that is produced from these buildings and it is always best to treat these areas.

Prison Feng Shui11.   Prison


This place is surrounded by all types of negative Sha Qi because of the kind of people who live in these prisons.

Similar to a cemetery, a good resolution is to plant a hedge or row of trees to block the sight of this area as this will create a barrier for the Sha Qi and will stop it from flowing towards your home. Ba Gua mirrors and cannons will also play a vital role in blocking the Sha Qi from these buildings.

Water towers and negative Qi12.   Pill Box


This refers to a small water tank that is placed on the top of a building. If such a tank is visible to your eyes from your house, then there is a risk of backstabbing and gossiping. This affects relationships.

Water tanks are seen as very weak Sha Qi as these containers can also produce Yang energy and are not always something to worry about. It would still be wise to treat the pill box if it is in sight of your home, though.

How rubbish affects energy13.   Dirty rubbish bins or waste site


If your house is located near the dump yard, this can lead to a lot of Sha Qi in your surroundings. Trash, as we all know, creates a foul smell and is considered to be bad.

If you have waste bins outside of your home or office space, the best solution is to screen these off; you can usually find premade bin tidies from DIY stores or garden centres which will help a great deal. To help stop the bins from creating too much negative energy, it would be wise to clean them every now and again.

Sha Qi dead end road14.   Dead End


If your house is located at the end of the road, it signifies a block which is a Sha Qi. This means that you will have a block in your life as well in terms of career and relationships.

Dead end streets are not always a source of Sha Qi and you will need to evaluate the area leading up to the dead end as a well-kept pathway with clear grass will be a lot better than overgrown hedges and rubbish.

towering buildings effect on energy15.   Sandwich


If your house is located in the middle of two high-rise buildings, then it is considered Sha Qi.

Having two buildings that are much larger than yours can cause your home or office space to store qi which will become stagnant over time as there is no easy path for the Qi to flow through. a quick solution for this is to keep the entranceway clear and open windows when climate and security allow you to do so.

Cul De Sac Negative Chi16.   Cul-de-Sac street


This means that if your house is located on a circular road, then it creates bad Sha Qi. It signifies that there is no growth in your life and you are moving in a circle. This will affect your career.

Similar to a dead end road, Cul-de-sacs are not always a source of Sha Qi and you will need to evaluate the area leading up to the cul-de-sac as a well-kept pathway with clear grass will be a lot better than overgrown hedges and rubbish.

High rise building Feng Shui problems17.   White Tiger


If your house is located next to a high rise building on your right side, then it produces Sha Qi. Any person living in this house is likely to get bullied by their spouses and family.

The white tiger is usually sat on a hill to the side of the home and should not be bigger than the green dragon side although this is very hard to achieve in modern times and I would not worry too much if this side is supported by houses the same size on the other side.

Feng Shui sharp corners18.   Sharp Corner


If the sharp corner of a building is pointing towards the main door of your building, then it is considered to be Sha Qi. This can lead to more misunderstanding at work and financial distress amongst the family members.

Sharp corners can cut Qi and disrupt the natural flow of energy and the best cure for this is to place a Ba Gua mirror or brass cannon pointing towards the sharp corner. If this is a residential home with a sharp corner, please stick to a flat or concave mirror as a cannon or convex mirror could cause harm to the occupants.

Feng Shui tall buildings19.   Wind Gap


If two high rise buildings have a gap between them, it is considered to be negatively impacting the health of individuals residing in such a locality.

A wind gap is seen as not that harmful and is only an issue if you have large buildings behind the building as well; this can cause the energy to become trapped and stagnate around the area.

Feng Shui reverse bow Sha Qi20.   Reverse Bow


If your house is situated above a river which is in the shape of a bow, then it is considered to be negative and impacts the financial and physical health of people.

If you have a stream or river going across or towards your home and there is a kink or sharp point facing towards your home, this is classed as a reverse bow and the best cure for this is to place a Ba gua mirror or cannon towards the direction of the kink in the water to neutralise this.

Final Thoughts

Sha Qi is extremely bad for people who want to live a healthy and prosperous life. This is why it is highly recommended that everyone must be very careful with the structure and location of their house. The best way to neutralise Sha Qi and block this stagnant energy from affecting our space is to place a Ba Gua mirror or brass cannon pointing toward the offending building, road or landscape. The type of mirror or cannon you use will vary on what type of Sha Qi is coming towards your home and it is best to make sure you get this right so I have given some examples below which will hopefully help you decide which cure you need to place.

Brass cannon

Brass cannons can be used on large buildings where people do not live full time (Prisons are an exception as they can generate a lot of Sha Qi) or on landscapes such as:

  • Phone tower
  • Roads
  • T-junction
  • construction
  • hospitals
  • cemetery or burial site
  • Prisons
  • Dirty rubbish bins
  • Sharp corners (as long as this is not somebody’s home)
  • Reverse bow

Feng Shui brass cannon

Flat Ba Gua mirror

Flat Ba Gua mirrors are the safest bet when dealing with Sha Qi as they deflect the Qi and send it back the way that it came. Flat Ba gua mirrors can usually be used in all circumstances.

Feng Shui Ba Gua wealth protection mirror

Concave Ba Gua mirror

Concave Ba Gua mirrors are used to absorb and neutralise Sha Qi that is coming towards your property and can be used for most sources of Sha Qi although they are best used for:

  • Dead end roads
  • Cul-de-sac street
  • Sharp corners

Feng Shui concave Ba Gua mirror

Convex Ba Gua mirror

Convex Ba Gua mirrors can be used to deflect Sha Qi back from where it came and should only be used on buildings or objects that generate a lot of Sha Qi such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Construction
  • Roads that flow directly towards you
  • cemetery or burial site
  • Phone tower
  • Wires
  • Geopathic stress areas
  • T-Junction
  • Sandwich between two high rise buildings

Feng Shui convex Ba Gua mirror

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5 thoughts on “Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection: 20 Negative Sha Qi Examples

  1. hi, we have a construction site just under our appartment, where a company wants to instal an elevator, so they do a lot of noise everyday, plus the dust that it is in our entrance of the building. This is been going on for a couple of month now and our financial side has been a bit unstable. How can we fix this? they say it will last for at least 2 month more.

    1. Hi Andreea,

      Unfortunately, this can sometimes be out of your control as you can’t ask them to keep noise down. The best thing to do would be to open windows for 10 minutes each day while there is no work going on as this will help fresh Qi enter the home. I would also recommend appeasing the Flying stars for November to help enhance the energy in your home – https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/flyingstarsnovember2023.htm

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hello I am just about to start a new job where a flat is provided. The flat is on the 2nd floor and at the moment there is roof work going on – so there is scaffolding. When I saw the flat I noticed that the ends of the scaffolding poles point directly into the flat via the windows – in the living room and 2 bedrooms. The poles are hollow. Having read the article about negative energy I am unsure what is the best cure I should use. Thank you in advance for uour help. Anna

    1. Hi Anna,

      If the scaffolding is only up for a few days or weeks, you can place a pair of Fu Dogs at the windows or keep the blinds or curtains closed as much as possible to block this.

      If the work were going on for several weeks, I would ask the company to place caps on the scaffold; you could say to them that you are worried someone will open the window onto this without noticing.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel, Thank you for yout advice – it is much appreciated. At the moment I am not sure how long it will be up or in fact whether the work has finished. I will know once I have moved. Thank you again.

        Warm regards,

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