Feng Shui Mistakes You Need to Fix Right Now!

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Feng Shui Mistakes You Need to Fix Right Now!



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Feng Shui bed mistakesLet’s face it, we’re all looking for some good fortune. Did you know that a few things about your home may be blocking the way for good things to come to you? Don’t worry, you can easily enhance your chances of success with some Feng Shui decoration.

Feng Shui philosophy involves examining our lives and workspaces and striking the perfect balance with them and the natural world. In today’s world, people use the principles of Feng Shui to harmonize and beautify their homes. Its principles lay special emphasis on the “Chi” or “Energy” flow.

According to Feng Shui decorating principles, a person’s surroundings must be bright, vibrant, and dazzling with positivity. Such a vibe attracts happiness and fortune towards you.

Chinese Animal home lifeIn an attempt to make your house as positive as possible, you might commit a very small mistake that can have some serious consequences. A small mistake can disrupt the flow of chi in your spaces, thus creating a serious imbalance in harmony.

You should keep in mind Feng Shui rules when reorganizing or decorating your space. You can take the help of the Flying star analysis to decide the correct placing of the objects. Flying stars can help you identify the direction and main areas of your house which will, in turn, help you with the placement of objects within your house in a way that will help good luck to flow.

Below are a few Feng Shui decoration mistakes that you might be making and to be corrected right now!

Withering Plants or Flowers


Dying plants and Feng ShuiGreen plants and fresh flowers invite positive energy to a house and are excellent symbols in Feng Shui. However, this doesn’t apply to all plants. When plants are alive and healthy, they enhance positivity, but flowers or plants that are dead or withering don’t. Luckily though, this will not have a negative effect and will just not bring as much of a benefit as live flowers and plants.

Feng Shui wilted plantsIf you feel like a plant is not doing well or is drying, do your best to bring it back to life. Often, people preserve flowers because they hold a special meaning like wedding bouquets and more. Some people also enjoy hanging dried lavender in their closets. It’s important to remember, these offer no benefits in Feng Shui.

 This also includes natural elements that are preserved and/or dried. Dead plants and dried flowers do not offer any life energy. One should try their best to heal a sick plant if they notice it withering. But sick plants indicate ill health for the people who live inside these spaces.

Plants with sharp leaves

Feng Shui spiky plantsIf you’re looking for a plant that will enhance the energy of your house, it is advised to avoid those with pointed leaves or needles.

Thorny plants are not the best choice to add to your room. Why? Due to their shape and sharp body, it is a plant that many want to and tend to avoid. This will invite a similar aura to your environment. Instead you can use plants that look softer, with rounded leaves that don’t look harsh. Their soft and gentle energy will make your room appeal softer and more inviting.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot have a sharp plant or your favourite cactus in the room but they won’t be helpful for feng shui.

A good position for sharp or pointed plants would be in a less used room or in the corner of a room and make sure that the spikes do not point to anything important such as a person sitting or the main door or desk.

Broken Mirrors


Feng Shui broken mirrorsMirrors are a very common decoration. They are also highly symbolic in many cultures. Flat & clear mirrors expand your view of the world. They reflect the innate thoughts and teachings and the feelings of an observer.

Broken mirrors are considered as a bad omen. They are also very dangerous and can be a cause of many accidents. It’s crucial to avoid broken mirrors and work with a clean, polished mirror only.

Beds with Storage Space


Picking a bed with Feng Shui

Beds with hidden storage spaces are a great way to utilize space; however, it’s not very good for the Feng Shui of your home if you are placing negative items underneath there such as paperwork or sharp objects. This also applies if you have storage boxes, loose storage bags tucked underneath your beds. This may be a practical solution but as you spend so many hours sleeping on them, it will affect you.

Storage spaces represent various hurdles in many domains of your life. This includes romantic relationships and fortune as well. Similar to the storage, clutter can also affect your sleep. If possible, keep nothing under your bed when you’re sleeping. If you want to utilize the space, ensure you fill it with soft items related to sleep like blankets & pillows and avoid paperwork or sharp objects such as coat hangers.

Bed Headboard


Feng shui emphasizes the need to have a headboard attached to your bed. This headboard must be fastened securely against the wall. It is often advised not to have your mattress on the floor or floating in space. It helps strengthen your relationships, provides you support, and helps you stay connected with life and people.

Storing behind doors

Bedroom open doors and Feng ShuiA door that doesn’t open completely can cause blockage in life. Thus, it’s crucial to avoid placing anything behind a door that will not allow the door to open properly. Even if the storage is organized and without any clutter, it’s still best to not store it there if the door cannot open even by 90 degrees. This is not a good feng shui as it will not only make it difficult to walk through that door but also block the good energy and opportunities that will make its way to you.

Flying star Mistakes


There’s a common mistake that many commit with Feng Shui. Trying to correct all the Flying stars of the house at the same time. You may be tempted to address all these areas hoping good things will come your way. However, if you make a plan and choose areas to work upon, this will reap more results. Via this, you’ll be able to focus on the areas that require more attention and correct some mistakes as well.

Feng Shui decorating principles, when followed properly, will allow positivity energy to flow through the spaces of your house. This will help in bringing new opportunities, wisdom, happiness & positivity in your life.

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