Feng Shui main entrance tips and advice for your home and office


How does your Feng Shui main entrance door and hallway affect the Feng Shui of your home?


Good Feng Shui front doorIf you have studied Feng Shui or have just begun your journey in your studies, I am sure you have come across so many Feng Shui websites and books giving you all sorts of conflicting information such as having a toilet above the Feng Shui main entrance door, a staircase facing your door, your door located or facing a bad Feng Shui Xuan Kong or eight mansions direction or the having the front and rear door in line. Realistically, some or all these problems are very common and very hard to avoid and I have given many options to enhance the Feng Shui of the entrance door and hallway.

The most important question from a Feng Shui aspect is, how does this impact the Feng Shui of my home or business?

Clear entrance good Feng ShuiThe Feng Shui main entrance door and hallway reception area in any home or business is very important to you for two reasons; the first is because it is normally where the main energy (qi) enters the home or business and the second it is the representation of your home or business as this will be the majority of peoples first impression on anyone who visits your home or office.

I always think of a Feng Shui main entrance as your mouth – imagine never brushing your teeth along with eating two burgers a day, three bottles of wine and a bottle of fizzy drink;; this will definitely affect your life Qi (Chi) and will impact your life the same as keeping dirty shoes by the main door or a doormat that never gets cleaned or a door that has not been painted or cleaned in years.

In my opinion, the Feng Shui main entrance door is one of the most important areas of a home or office; it is where the majority of the qi (ch’i) enters the building and the quality of the qi is dependent on the quality of the door area, hall and area outside the door.

Top Feng Shui tips and advice for your main door entrance:

1.   Feng Shui coconut door mat You must keep this area clutter free and spotlessly clean as much as possible inside and out and shoes and boots must never be placed here close to the door and if they are, they should go in a shoe box or cupboard out of sight.

2.    Allow the space at the main door to be free and clear. The Qi (energy) flows with the wind and will collect all the smell and dirt of those shoes and slippers into your house or business and potentially be causing problems.

3.    Avoid coconut type doormats, these harbour so much negative qi and impossible to keep clean. I did a Feng Shui consultation for a home in London a few weeks ago and took the photos below, I think you will get the picture (excuse the pun)

4.    Keep the colours light and airy in a hallway and let as much natural light in as possible.

5.    Use mirrors carefully near your entrance. Make sure they never face onto a door; on the left or right is fine.

6.    Make sure the Feng Shui main entrance door opens easily without obstacles or difficulties.

7.    Broken door furniture must be replaced and hinges must be oiled regularly. The front door must be well maintained and clean. Door furniture should be gleaming and paintwork or varnish should be in perfect condition.

Feng Shui main entrance cluttered

8.    Find out which direction your home faces with a good Feng Shui compass and then either create a flying star (Xuan Kong) natal chart or an eight mansions chart using a quality Feng Shui software and then decide on the perfect colour, an example would be if your home or business faces 350 degrees north 2 and your main entrance was in the middle of the building then I would recommend you paint the door a dark blue, black or charcoal colour to weaken the effects of this combination. I would also recommend the same colours for a doormat or rug.

9. Place a pair of Fu dogs either side of your door for protection. Click this link for information on how to place them correctly

10. Place a Ba Gua Mirror above your front door if you have poison arrows directly outside your home such as a junction in the road or street lights

8 thoughts on “Feng Shui main entrance tips and advice for your home and office

  1. Hi I will have my at home business with a separate entrance for my clients on the left side of the wall before the main entrance. The house is east facing and the main door will be painted a beautiful rich brown colour. The business entrance door will face north but I am only allowed to have it painted a soft grey. I understand this is not ideal, what can I do to improve the the entrance to my business. We have to abide by the rules of the estate where we are building.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sabrina,

      If you are limited to colours, I would always go with a soft neutral colour such as a cream or beige as this is a very easy colour to work with. Soft grey should be fine to use if it is nice and light.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Neomi,

      You would be better to place some decorations between your door and the staircase to slow the flow of Qi.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hello, my neighbor big plan tree place directly in front of my office door…what should I do? I can not asked them to move because it’s on the hall way. But I don’t feel good bout that. Could you help me with any suggestions.
    Thank you and really appreciate .

    1. Hi Angela,

      I would suggest keeping the area as clear as possible if you have anything around your office door to avoid the Qi being blocked when entering your office. If you are unable to move the tree, the next best thing to do is remove any obstructions that you are able to.

      I hope this helps, Angela.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Cher,

      I would try and keep the front of your shop door clear and open as possible to make the most of this. If the entrance is clear and not too closed in, this should not cause a problem.

      Kind regards,

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