February 2013 Chinese Animal Predictions and Flying Star analysis

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This is only a general perspective guide for the twelve earthly branches of the Chinese almanac for February 2013. In this post, I have attempted to point out the factors that may affect you beneficially this month and also those of which you should beware of according to your animal sign. The effect on individuals should be considered within the context of the monthly Flying Stars.

Please do not think that because, for example, you read that February 2013 will have problems for the month and you read below that February 2013 will not be good, you will therefore have a bad month. No, a positive attitude and hard work combined with knowledge of what the month ahead has in store for you will enable you to avoid many problems and disappointments.

Please click the relevant animal below for the predictions for February 2013. If you are unsure about which animal you are, please follow the chart below by finding your date of birth.

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Flying Star Chart February 2013

Hopefully by 4th February 2013 you had your annual cures in place to ensure a smooth year ahead, if not please follow this link for more details. The annual cures can be placed at any time of the year up until February 2014.

The inherent properties of the elements of a 5-2 combination in the central palace this month indicate that health issues are more pronounced. Especially with elderly residents, they must take extra care in whatever they do and try to stay healthy during this month.

The Beneficial Palaces for Bing Yin (yang wood Tiger) Month are:

Southeast palace influence is exceptionally good for those pursuing careers in the communication and creative fields, e.g. public relations, advertising, designing and graphics. If your main door, bedroom or office is in this corner of the building, you are in for a good month. Children or those who are in literary or academic pursuits should use this room for studies and homework or to conduct research work.

Southwest palace is an area deemed unfortunate for the year health-wise but wealth is indicated in February especially if you have already activated this primary wealth corner for Period 8. There is the spectre of ill health so do not overstress yourself and take extra rest if you occupy this palace of the building.

Sectors to be aware of this month:

East. If this is where your front or back door is, take extra security measures, as there is a possible encounter with burglars. Make sure doors are double locked before leaving the house. If your office is in this sector, keep low for the month and stay away from arguments. You may be antagonised into an argument and tempers may fly. Regardless there is still a #3 argument star present in 2013 and you should hang a temple Lion plaque for protection.

West. There may be minor respiratory problems like a persistent niggling cough. Single ladies occupying a bedroom in the west sector of the building may encounter romance opportunities. Take things calm and easy and beware of launching head long into a new romance impulsively this month or you may get hurt.

North. Offices with a front door located in this sector may encounter stiff competition this month. This would also affect those in sales whose house front door or bedroom is in this corner of the building. Do not get too worked up or you will suffer attacks of stress. Perseverance will prevail.

Northeast. Whilst generally the NE is auspicious in 2013 in February Children occupying a room in this corner of the house must be wary of rough sports, as there may be possible injuries to the joints or tendons. Obstacles may be in the way for those who hope to clinch real estate deals this month. Do not sign any important deals in this room. If you cannot avoid this room, place a decorative item of metal, copper or bronze in the northeast corner of the room to pacify the monthly #5 influence. Do not place too many metal items here as this may weaken the auspicious annual 8. If you use our monthly cures kit place the Wu Lou only here as we do not want to weaken the auspicious annual 8 star. Make sure you have placed the master cure in the NE in 2013.

Northwest. If you have to travel a lot by car, take extra precaution when driving. Anyone under this sector’s influence is prone to accidents and mishaps during trips especially to those whose offices are located in the northwest sector of the building. Drive carefully and give yourself extra travelling time so that you do not feel the need to speed because of not wanting to be late for an appointment or an important meeting.

If your stairs are located in the northwest sector of the house, warn young children not to play or run going up and down the stairs this month or they may find themselves with a sprained ankle or a broken leg. Be cautious. Elderly residents should also exercise caution.

South palace. You may find this a challenging month with your children whose bedroom is in the south corner of the house. They may try to push their boundary lines and may give you headaches. If this is something you can deal with easily, then it may be alright to leave them in the south sector but if it is a difficult phase that your teenage child is going through, it would be a good idea to see if you can move him / her out temporarily. Otherwise, you can introduce more blue colouring in the furnishing to calm interaction in this room.

Central palace.  Please make sure you have your salt water cure and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon in place as this is needed more than ever in February.

Are you really prepared for 2013?

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Please click the relevant animal below to view the advice for February 2013.

Rat Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacRat will do well this month but you may find yourself running in circles in whatever you do and you must try and avoid conflict in February especially around Chinese New Year. This could be due to unscrupulous people working behind your back  Click here to find out more…

Ox Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacWork is successful with good investments and success in your enterprises. If possible, be generous and charitable. Whether it is at work or at home. This should be a nice month with unexpected good news for career and relationships, peach blossom is favourable in February Click here to find out more…

Tiger Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThis is a time to act cautiously for there may be difficulties ahead. This is especially so with travel, whether on short or long journeys, as it is an accident prone month. Do take extra care with safety. This is only a precaution and it does not mean something bad will happen, having good   Click here to find out more…
Rabbit Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacYour many guardian stars are shining on you during February and you will find that the elements are working for you in all your endeavours. If you have been experiencing obstacles or mishaps in the last few months, you can expect a free home run this month with many opportunities opening up on the horizon.  Click here to find out more…
Dragon Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThis month presents great opportunities for advancement, promotion and new ventures for those in business and employed. September should be a good month with a strong potential for new romance and also a chance to strengthen existing relationships with others. You should find that you are Click here to find out more…

Snake Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacA fantastic month for the Snake with satisfying results both in work and relationships. You should harbour an attitude where you are able to solve problems and with confidence. February will be the perfect month for you to put your ideas and projects in to action as they will come together with ease this month. Click here to find out more…
Horse Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacA strange month for the Horse although you can get satisfying results both in work and relationships. Harbour an attitude where you are able to solve problems and with confidence. But in times like this, you have to be careful with the people you are acquainted with and do not get trapped by devious plans resulting in loss of   Click here to find out more…
Goat Monthly Tong Shu Almanac
The month’s elements are with you. Your mind and spirit will feel refreshed and welcome the many opportunities that come your way after all the plodding along in the last two  Click here to find out more…
Monkey Monthly Tong Shu Almanac
This is a month full of activity and movement which can be to your benefit if you are motivated. Pursuing breakthroughs and taking risks are not in your nature so you may find this month’s rhythm a little tiring and hard work. However, do keep an open mind and maintain an optimistic attitude. You may meet new  Click here to find out more…

Rooster Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacA good month as success is indicated in business and at home. There are good career opportunities as well as positive prospects for romance or even weddings. Money luck is very good for the Rooster throughout February but please be sure to put this money to good use by maybe investing in something new for the home or for  Click here to find out more…

Dog Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacPlease be aware of overspending this month, the temptation of low interest rates for that new car, boat or other luxury item. If you are a single Dog looking for romance then the month could be good but could also cost in money as you may  Click here to find out more…

Pig Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacA good month as success is indicated in business and at home. There are good career opportunities aswell as positive prospects for romance or even weddings. Look forward to a good month with many opportunities and potential financial windfalls, you could also travel and find new opportunities. You need to make    Click here to find out more…
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