Is your Chinese Zodiac Sign clashing with ‘Fan Tai Sui’ in the Year 2023?

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Is your Chinese Zodiac Sign clashing with ‘Fan Tai Sui’ in the Year 2023?

Written by Michael hanna

Are you prepared for 2023?

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A New Year comes with new opportunities, and everyone has a few expectations. But, according to Chinese astrology,  if your zodiac clashes with Tai Sui (太岁), the Grand Duke Jupiter, it can bring misfortunes and bad luck, and in 2023, the year of the Yin Water Rabbit, you have to be more prepared than ever making sure all the annual Feng Shui cures and enhancers are placed.

So what does it mean to Fan Tai Sui in 2023?

Fan Tai Sui in 2023

What is Tai Sui?


Tai Sui is short for Tai Sui God. As per Chinese astrology, there are 60 Tai Sui. They each take charge of humans’ fortunes every 60 years. The on-duty Tai Sui, also named Liu Nian Tai Sui, is God’s guardian for everything during that particular year. This includes one’s health, wealth, career, and marriage.

Every person has their own God of Tai Sui. This can influence the person’s whole life in various fields.

What is Fan Tai Sui?


Fan Tai Sui means offending the Tai Sui God. Let’s suppose things are not great at work, you’re dealing with relationship problems, or your health is not in its prime state. These factors may be due to you being in the condition of Fan Tai Sui.

You might have offended Tai Sui, and they now refuse to bless you and condemn your misfortune.

Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) for 2023


Name: General Pi Shi

Direction: Northeast (82.5 – 97.5 degrees)

Zodiac Offending Tai Sui: Rat, Dragon, Rabbit, Horse, Rooster

Are you prepared for 2023 year of the Rabbit

2023 – The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit (Gui Mao)


The new Chinese year of the water Rabbit will start on the 22nd of January 2023 and end on the 10th of February 2024.

2023 is the year of water, according to the Chinese Five Elements. Since water is equivalent to black colour in the Five-element system, 2023 is also called Yin Black Rabbit Year.

Zodiac Signs That Will Clash With Fan Tai Sui


Rat Chinese animal clash Tai Sui 2023Rat – Torturing Tai Sui in 2023(刑太岁)


The Rat could face a challenging period over 2023 if there are not careful. If they disturb Tai Sui, this can bring disputes and gossip with others during the Rabbit year. This type of torture can also lead to fines, penalties and disputes with agreements, as well as physical injuries.

The Rooster’s work life will bring some challenges this year, and to fully benefit, the Rooster will need to focus on meeting deadlines, or they could soon fall behind. The Rooster must communicate well with co-workers this year as good communication will lead to help from others, allowing the Rooster to stay on top of their duties.

Any Roosters with a pre-existing health condition should act early if they feel unsure about something. They can get a lot of help from medical professionals this year and will benefit from taking early action.

To read the 2023 Chinese animal prediction for the Rat, please click here…


Dragon Chinese animal clash Tai Sui 2023Dragon – Harming Tai Sui in 2023(害太岁)


In 2023, the Dragon will harm Tai Sui. Harming Tai Sui is considered the most severe among the six harms of the Chinese zodiac and can result in extreme personality changes, difficulty with relationships, and unstable job situations.

The Dragon will need to pay close attention to their health and well-being during the Rabbit year as there is a risk of healthy Dragons losing focus and making bad choices where lifestyle and diet are concerned.

The Dragon would be wise to take on new challenges at work in 2023 as long as they do not take on too much that they cannot keep up with the increased demand.

The Dragon will need to pay attention to their finances to make the most of their money during the Rabbit year. While the Dragon will need to avoid overspending, they can save a lot of money by comparing utility bills and exploring ways to pay less for the same service.

Overall, the Rabbit year can come with its challenges for the Dragon, although it is essential to realise the areas that will require some care can quickly be resolved and will bring a lot of joy to the Dragon when they dedicate time to them. Wishing you a fantastic year of the Rabbit.

To read the 2023 Chinese animal prediction for the Dragon, please click here…


Rabbit Chinese animal clash Tai Sui 2023Rabbit – Same yearly pillar conflict in 2023(值太岁)


In 2023, the Rabbit will be in direct conflict with Tai Sui, which coincides with their Ben Ming Nian year. This suggests a year of bad fortune, with minor health issues and a tendency towards radical behaviour due to unease. Others may obstruct their career, and their pursuit of wealth may not be smooth, with a risk of financial loss. Love and relationships may also suffer.

The Rabbits should remain cautious and deal with any challenges calmly and rationally, avoiding impulsive actions. They should also pay attention to their words and actions when interacting with others, avoiding speaking ill of others.

The Rabbit will need to keep an eye on their health and well-being in 2023, especially if they tend to burn the candle at both ends with a hectic lifestyle; this is not the time for the Rabbit to take on too much as they could burn themselves out, leading to illness or mental health issues. The Rabbit will need to find a good balance in all areas of their life at the beginning of the year to stay in good health.

The Rabbit clashing with Tai Sui has the possibility to impact their wealth, causing them to have no source of income and affecting the quality of their life. Thus, there can be sluggish career and financial luck for those guilty of Fan Tai Sui. This all sounds doom and gloom, but I have had many Ben Ming Nian years in my 63 years on this planet, and because I follow my own advice on the annual Feng Shui cures and enhancers, you can avoid many problems, so have a look at what is going on this year by clicking this link.

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Horse Chinese animal clash Tai Sui 2023Horse – Destroying Tai Sui in 2023(破太岁)


In 2023, the Horse will be destroying Tai Sui, which can cause issues with their career and other areas of their life over the next twelve months. To avoid this, it would be advisable for the Horse to watch the way they speak to others, as they tend to be quite direct at times. It would be wise for the Horse to pay extra attention to their feelings and avoid getting into disputes and troubles when interacting with others.

The Horse will need to keep an eye on their health in the Rabbit year as there is a risk of neglecting their needs for other areas of their life, causing burnout and illness. The Horse must practice good eating habits and takes time out of their schedule to remain active, especially if they have a desk-based job. Any Horses with a dangerous job and those with hazardous hobbies should apply care this year and invest in safety equipment.

Those with pre-existing health conditions can benefit from dedicating some time to researching their situation as they could discover new ways to alleviate symptoms.

To read the 2023 Chinese animal prediction for the Horse, please click here…


Rooster – Conflicting With Tai Sui in 2023(冲太岁)

2023 has the ability to bring unstable fortune the Rooster as they conflict with Tai Sui and are also the clash animal. Due to their clash with Tai Sui, they may find that progress in different areas of their life can be affected. As a result of this clash, the Rooster may be easily deceived and instigated by others, leading to ruined relationships with friends and family. Fortunately, there are auspicious stars in their life that will bring some good luck and help them survive crises.

The Rooster’s work life will bring some challenges this year, and to fully benefit, the Rooster will need to focus on meeting deadlines, or they could soon fall behind. The Rooster must communicate well with co-workers this year as good communication will lead to help from others, allowing the Rooster to stay on top of their duties.

Care and attention will be required with finances this year, and the Rooster must learn to budget wisely. This is not the best year for the Rooster to spend frivolously outside of their budget, as they could soon find themselves falling short when money is needed for something else.

The year of the Rabbit will be a busy and productive year for the Rooster, and while they may find themselves burning the candle at both ends, they should be able to overcome challenges and stay on top of what needs to be down throughout the year.

To read the 2023 Chinese animal prediction for the Rooster, please click here…


Who is the ruling Tai Sui general in 2023?


Pi Shi Tai Sui gold plated plaque for 2022In 2023, the year of the Gui Mao, yin water Rabbit, the ruling general is “Pi Shi”, and he was the ruling general 60 years ago in 1963, which was the last yin water Rabbit year and we must pay respect and appease this deity in our home and workplace for the year in order to avoid conflict and problems in our life during the year of the Rabbit.

Pi Shi, the Tai Sui general for 2023, falls into the east (82.5 – 97.5 degrees) on 4th February 2023 and will be sat in this area of every home, office, building, business and shop for the whole year up until 4th February 2024.

When we disturb Tai Sui, we can manifest all types of problems from disagreements, lawsuits, divorce and many other malicious influences, which is why it is vital that we pay respect to Pi Shi for the year and appease him by placing a gold-plated plaque in the east sat on a golden elephant base, symbolising stature and respect.

The traditional way to appease the ruling Tai Sui general for the year is to place a gold-plated plaque bearing an image of the ruling general in the compass sector that he will sit for the year on an elephant base, offering maximum respect and pacification.


The impact on these signs can vary due to the different conflicts caused. For example – the Rabbit can conflict with Tai Sui and have an overall bad fortune. Similarly, the Rooster zodiac could face an unfavourable horoscope in career and wealth. Snake signs can harm Tai Sui and may suffer financially. Those under the pig sign that may destroy Tai Sui will face a bad year for their love life.

What can I do as a Rat, Dragon, Horse, Rabbit or Rooster, or if I have an important room or main entrance in the east to avoid all these problems in 2023?


  • Do not renovate or disturb the east Tai Sui location in 2023
  • Do not face the east Tai Sui for 2023
  • Place your Tai Sui gold plated plaque bearing the image of General Pi Shi in the east at home and work, especially if you own a shop or business.
  • If you have the main entrance in the east, you must make sure you oil the door hinges and avoid letting the door slam closed and keep the area clutter-free and outside, make sure no leaves or cobwebs build up as this will cause Sha chi and cause you problems.
  • Suppose the east is an important area of the home like the main entrance, bedroom, kitchen, living area, study etc. I would place a salt cure here for 2023 as we have the #2 inauspicious star also fly into the east in 2023, and this must be placed to protect wealth.
  • Adopt a positive attitude as the power of the mind is as powerful as Feng Shui, so do not focus on the negative aspects of the year.
  • Avoid taking risks in 2023, so no paragliding or renting electric scooters (I did this four years ago and almost killed myself in Krakow; I know, I didn’t even follow my own advice)
  • Don’t drive fast, and make sure your car is fully serviced
  • Avoid risky investments, and if it sounds too good to be true…you know the rest!

Garden leaves Feng ShuiLeaves create yin energy by the main entrance, make sure this area is kept squeaky clean regardless of what compass sector your main entrance is located in.

As I mentioned above, I have been on this planet for 64 years, and there have been many years that as a yang earth Dog born in 1958, I would have disastrous years because I have clashed with Tai Sui with harm or destruction or many any other annual conflicts and some of my worse predicted years have been my best.

The secret to Feng Shui is being aware of potential problems and being proactive, so please take your time reading through all the pages we have on the year of the Rabbit; you do not have to spend one penny, all the Feng Shui cures and enhancers listed are items you will have already, a simple weightlifters dumbbell is a perfect metal cure or a simple candle is an ideal fire cure or just introduce colours to weaken an inauspicious flying star.

If you want the easy way, I strongly recommend buying an annual cures and enhancers kit that has everything you need with regards to health, wealth, relationships, career, academics, children etc. This is our 23rd year selling them, and I am not sure if we will have enough stock this year, so please do not leave it too late to order.

I had my very best years when my forecast was bad, and so can you; 2023 has many opportunities, and you can make the most of them.

Best wishes


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  1. Hi I’m a boar my birthday bed is on the north 21 was in the killing was in the East, my house faced the east and we disturbed it real bad when we renovated our front porch replaced all the banister, I, put up the ox protection placed in the east.. it effected my finances royally nothing was really coming in. But lot was going out.. My husband is a Rooster 08-15-57.. My daughter born 0102.08 her bed is in the south we clashed every son was born 01-11-02 his bed is in the north..we clashed

    youngest son born 11-14-11 his bed is facing the west.
    I, want a better wealthy year in the tiger year.. I, will take my time and follow it to the T this year.. Send me some advices and I, will folllow it and will appreciate it..

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