A quick and easy way to cleanse your home or office with Feng Shui Essential Oils

We get a lot of emails throughout the year asking what is the best way to cleanse a home or office and the traditional way is to smudge sage around the building by burning some sage in a bowl or using a smudge stick and waving the smoke around every room to rid the property of any negative Qi; I have been using this method for around 10 years now and my parents have been doing this for around 30 years.

This is a great way to cleanse a home but the smoke does tend to linger on the furniture, curtains and carpets and a lot of people that we have spoken to about this tend to shy away from smudging sage because of this. I do tend to agree as I like to go a bit overboard when I smudge my home by filling every room with thick smoke to clear as much negative Qi as possible which likes to linger in my fabric sofa for a good week after I do this.

There are many other ways to cleanse your home which include:

  • Clapping your hands around each room (be careful when doing this in the east and southeast in 2014 and especially in June as this is where the #3 and #2 stars are located in 2014 and June)
  • Go around the property with a singing bowl and fill the rooms with sound (again be careful in the east and southeast)
  • You can use sea salt mixed in water and sprinkled around the property and furniture although this is less popular as this can leave residue on furniture
  • You can open all the windows and doors to let sunlight and fresh air in to cleanse the property but please only do this when security allows you to do so
  • Mix a blend of essential oils with ocimum basilicum, salvia scalarea, citrus aurantium, rosemarinus, officinalis citral, eugenol, geraniol, limonene and linalool in an atomiser spray bottle and spray around the home.

Space Clearing Feng Shui Essential OilI am always trying to find ways to make Feng Shui as practical as possible while keeping the methods traditional and authentic as I believe that real Feng Shui is not about having every single corner of your home or office looking like a Chinese restaurant but is more about getting the basics right to begin with… make sure that your home is not filled with clutter, make sure you have not got any negative Qi in your home and always make sure that you feel happy in your home. Once you have the basics sorted, you can start using Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers to optimise your home or business.

When we were in the process of creating our range of Feng Shui Essential Oil range, I had a play around with our Space Clearing oil by diluting it with distilled water and using an atomiser spray bottle to spray around my home to clear the negative Qi. The first thing to note is the smell; not meaning to brag but my home really did smell amazing after spraying the Space Clearing and it lasted for a good week before I resprayed the home. The blend really did help clear a lot of negative energy in my home and I have now been using it every week as a room fragrance spray and ditched my old Molton Brown ‘Naranji An’ room fragrance for the Space Clearing blend.

Clear negative Qi with Essential Oils
This is the 30ml bottle I used to blend my oils while I wrote this; I filled it with 15 drops of Space Clearing oil and filled the rest with vodka – I used Smirnoff  vodka if anyone wanted to know.

We have a special way of blending our oils to make them as effective as possible where we place a piece of Quartz Crystal in every bottle we make to strengthen the effects that the oils have on the home or office and if you look carefully at one of our bottles of Feng Shui Essential Oils, you should notice the words “I love you” written back to front on the label; you may have head of the Masaru Emoto experiment where he labelled two jars of sealed cooked rice with labels, one label was covered in positive thoughts like “I love you” and “you are amazing” and the other was covered with hateful messages like “I hate you” and “you’re stupid”, the positive messages stopped the rice from going rotten whereas the negative thoughts actually made the rice go rotten faster than normal.

Mixing Essential Oils for use with an atomiser spray bottle is incredibly easy and I will list my own method of doing this below although I realise that everyone has their own way of doing things!

What you need:

  • Feng Shui Space Clearing Essential Oil (around 15-30 drops)
  • Brown or blue atomiser spray bottle to keep the scent fresh as sunlight can weaken the oils over time (I recommend a 50ml bottle) you can get these very cheap off of amazon or a local shop
  • Distilled water (amount depends on size of atomiser bottle)
  • sheet of paper to spray blend on to test strength
  • Optional – you can replace the distilled water with vodka as the alcohol evaporates quicker than distilled water

Mixing your Space Clearing Essential Oil spray

  1. get all of your kit together 
  2. remove the spray mechanism off the atomiser bottle and place between 15 – 30 drops depending how strong you want the aroma to be. I usually use around 20 drops per 50ml.
  3. fill the remainder of the bottle with either distilled water or vodka
  4. shake the bottle well to mix the essential oils
  5. If you can get hold of it, place a small piece of smokey quartz crystal inside the bottle or keep it with you when cleansing your home or office as this really helps strengthen the effects of the blend of oils.

Once you have done this, you can now go around your home or office and spray around every room to clear the negative Qi and when this is all done, sit back and enjoy the lifted, new Qi around your home with a cup of tea or maybe a vodka if you have any left over!

I use the space clearing blend every weekend in my home after I have done all the tidying and use the Tien Yi Essential Oil blend for my clothes and bedroom to help promote better health and vitality; I’d love to hear your experiences with the Feng Shui Essential Oil blends, please feel free to comment below this post  and get the conversation started.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and have a great day,

If you would like to read more about our Feng Shui Essential Oil blend, you can click the image below.

Feng Shui Essential Oils

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