The long debate of energy with bedrooms and bathrooms nearby

Are you prepared for 2020?

Are you prepared for 2020?

2020 chinese astrology and feng shui guide2020 cures and enhancers2020 flying starsanimal predictions 2020

Last week I wrote about a question we received on the Feng Shui Store Facebook page about deciding your facing direction on a home; if you haven’t already read the article, you can find it by clicking HERE.

We received another question yesterday from someone who asked about her bathroom being too close to her bed. This is a very old belief that having a bedroom with a toilet close to where you sleep would bring problems to anyone sleeping too close as toilets are considered to bring negative energy.

Here is the original post from Facebook

“I would like some advice about my supposedly ill-advised bed location–it’s up against the bathroom wall directly behind the toilet–my head is near the wall facing away from it like a mirror image of the toilet and shower behind it which face away from the wall in the opposite direction. I moved in May, and know it is supposed to cause many problems like headaches, illness and insomnia, but I have none and I sleep like a baby–the best in years! In fact, the layout is beyond cozy because I have an altar behind my head with a Buddha and many items which give me peace and plants hanging down the wall giving a wonderful feeling like a flowing waterfall–very nice for us hot-headed Scorpios. Nor have my finances been affected–not much comes in, but instead of going right down the drain, the drainage has in fact stopped up and I’ve had much more choice and nice control. Not sure what to do because this really seems like the rare exception!”

Feng Shui was discovered thousands of years ago, toilets were not actually in the home so it makes you wonder when someone decided that a bathroom close to a bed was bad Feng Shui. Bathrooms in general are fairly neutral rooms and are great locations for where you have fixed, annual or monthly #2, #3 or #5 Flying Stars as these rooms are not used for long periods of time throughout the day such as a bedroom or living room although toilets are known to remove energy from the home when the toilet seat is left up. Sometimes, it is a good idea to flush an open toilet such as if you had a 5 yellow or 2 black Flying Star in the bathroom as this would remove the negative energy in the room and Michael has recommended this for only a few of his clients although this is very exceptional and should only do so if advised by a Feng Shui Master.

 Having a bathroom close to your home is not bad Feng Shui.

Feng Shui toiletHaving a bathroom or toilet close to you is an old myth in Feng Shui and is something that we refer to as Mc Feng Shui written by newspaper journalists for an article on quick Feng Shui for bedroom along with other loosely put together tips such as having pink sheets on your bed will guarantee you a girl and blue, a boy. in the last 10 – 15 years, Feng Shui has reached new levels in popularity which is fantastic news as this has brought some great Feng Shui masters to light and some include Michaels former students although with the good comes the bad.

With Feng Shui becoming more accepted and popular in every day life, over the years I have seen everything from Feng Shui clothing to Feng Shui toilet brushes and these are just people with little knowledge of Feng Shui looking to make quick cash on peoples lifestyles in my opinion. Having a bathroom too close to your bed is not a bad thing because if it was, the majority of homes in the world would bring problems to a lot of people as not everyone is able to move their bed more than one or two different positions. Hundreds of Michaels clients have en suite bathrooms very close to where they sleep and they are completely happy and healthy in life with no problems.

En suite bathrooms are quite common place in homes these days which will separate a bathroom from a bedroom by a door and usually a plasterboard wall which can put the toilet close to the bed although as soon as the door is closed, the Qi flowing around the two rooms becomes separated and will cause no problems.

Close your en suite door when you are not using it

When you are not using your en suite, my only advice is to keep the toilet seat down and close the door; problem solved. If your feet are pointing towards the door when you are in bed, keep the door closed (this also goes for the main bedroom door) or if you feel that it is causing you problems, put a low partition at the end of your bed and monitor the difference after placing it.

To sum up this very old belief, sleeping near a toilet, bathroom or en suite will not cause you problems; the two rooms are separated and the Qi of the room will not affect your sleep pattern, wealth or cause any problems however, if you don’t keep your bathroom clean and you keep the toilet seat up, this will cause problems; this is common sense and I’m sure this is practised by everyone already.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and please feel free to leave a comment below with your beliefs on this topic.

Are you prepared for 2020?

Are you prepared for 2020?

2020 chinese astrology and feng shui guide2020 cures and enhancers2020 flying starsanimal predictions 2020

7 thoughts on “The long debate of energy with bedrooms and bathrooms nearby

  1. we have an ensuite which is basically one large room (bedroom/bathroom) toilet is in a sperate room with a door which we keep shut. We have placed a cupboard 1 metre from the bottom of the bed to make a break between the bedroom area and bathroom….and we access around each side of the cupboard. We dont really want to put a wall up to separate the rooms – what can we do to make this better feng shui….?

      1. the toilet is separate with a door. the rest of the bathroom – sinks, bath, shower is in the same room, but there is a cupboard that goes across inbetween ( with a gap each side to accesss the bathroom etc from the bedroom. I am thinking of putting maybe a curtain or fringe curtain up behind the cupboard to give a small seperation.

        1. Hi, it is good the toilet is separate and whilst not perfect to have the bath/shower in the same room, your idea to separate with a curtain behind the cupboard is very good and this would resolve it.

          Good news the toilet is separate though as these obviously are the worst offenders for obvious reasons.

          Kind regards

  2. Hello, please help me understand whether or not to enhance the feng shui element location of a bathroom. Many sites have conflicting information and some recommend using colors and materials to diminish that location rather than enhance it. Which is correct?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Could you please tell me what compass sector you bathroom falls in to in your home so I can advise better.

      If you are ever in doubt with colours and Feng Shui, the best thing to do is go for a neutral colour.

      Kind regards,

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