What is a Wu Lou and where should it placed each year?

What is a Wu Lou?
(Written by Michael Hanna)
Updated 2020

Are you prepared for 2020?

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Many people have mailed me over the months asking, “What is a Wu Lou”? and how do you use one? A Wu Lou which also goes by the name of a Calabash, Gourd or “giver of life” is traditionally used to cure the #2 & #5 sickness and bad luck stars in Feng Shui and this year (2020) you would place them in the south and neast. We have around 4 – 5 Wu Lou’s in our home at any one time as we sometimes use them with the monthly stars depending on where they are located.We also place one on each side of our bed and this is something we have done for as long as I can remember in order to promote and enhance good health.

brass-feng-shui-wu-louThe Wu Lou (Calabash) in its original form is a fruit and when dried was traditionally used to store medicine or water which is is how it got its name “giver of life”. The shape of the Calabash was replicated into brass (metal weakens earth) by Feng Shui masters many years ago in order to absorb the negative energy of the 2 & 5 bad luck stars.

We recently introduced a Wu Lou that we had adapted so that the top can be screwed off, allowing the inside to be filled with 8 carefully chosen assorted semi precious quartz crystals that protect and enhance every different aspect of your life to further strengthen the cure. The trigrams that you will see on the bottom of the Wu Lou below are also present on the inside of the Wu Lou and if you look with a flashlight, you will be able to see this; we had this created as this helps radiate the energy of this cure; there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Feng Shui cures and enhancers and we have  implemented this in to the majority of our cures since we started back in 1999.

In 2020, year of the Yang Metal rat (Geng Zi), and ideally you should place a brass Wu Lou in the south and east along with a salt water cure and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon, these are so important in 2020.

Gourd Wu LouThe Wu Lou when used correctly is also used as a very powerful manifestation wish enhancer, so it is good to place a list of all your wishes inside the chest that represents everything you want to achieve in life, an example to some would be a beautiful home that you desire, a man or female that you may admire, a car like a Ferrari or Mini, a mentor, the number of children you would like, I hope you are getting the picture by now, just create a dream list with all that you desire rolled up inside the Wu Lou. The size allowance for the paper that you can write on is 35mm high and as long as you need provided you can roll it tight and fit it inside.

The brass Wu Lou is an extremely powerful and much needed cure in 2020 as we have the #5 yellow star visiting the east sector in 2020. The Wu Lou or Hu Lu is said to have the ability to absorb bad chi energy, and the reason that Taoist monks use the calabash to imprison evil spirits. According to Chinese mythology, Monks and Deities of the Taoist belief made use of the calabash Wu Lou by imprisoning evil spirits inside to stop them from causing more problems. This is where the Wu Lou got the ideology of being able to absorb negative chi in your surroundings.

The Wu Lou was originally used as a Feng Shui cure as a health enhancer and protector as the calabash was used to store medicine although traditional medicine would usually be a wine or spirit which is how the Wu Lou was adapted in to a wealth cure as alcohol became a symbol of wealth. It can also be beneficial to place a vase in the shape of a Wu Lou although this is something that can only be used with specialist Feng Shui knowledge as there are many contributing factors such as land formations.

Now that you have read about Wu Lou’s, you will notice just how prominent they are in different Feng Shui cures and enhancers; you will start to notice their use in Buddha statues, Kwan Yin statues and many other Deities. The Wu Lou really is a fantastic cure for wealth, health and protection for your home or office.

The brass Wu Lou is a very powerful metal cure and can be used to cure and enhance the following stars:

1 star – You can place a Wu Lou where the #1 star is located to enhance the good water from this star. In 2020, this is located in the northeast

2 star – You can place a Wu Lou where the #2 star is located to weaken the bad earth from this star. In 2020, this is located in the south

5 star – You can place a Wu Lou where the #5 star is located to weaken the bad earth from this star. In 2020, this is located in the east

The Wu Lou is a perfect cure for the monthly #2 and #5 stars which

The primary uses for a brass Wu Lou

  • It is important to place the Wu Lou where the current annual and monthly #5 and 2 Flying Star is to counter the sickness qi brought by these aggressive stars.
  • You should place a Wu Lou each on each side of your bed to improve your health luck and ward off illness energies, hence preventing you from any health problems. It can also be placed beside the bed of someone who is ill to speed up recovery or the elderly.
  • Display the Wu Lou in the Tien Yi or Health corner in the bedroom based on your Gua number (8 Mansions Formula) to enhance your personal health luck.
  • If you follow the Ba Gua aspirations theory you should have a Wu Lou in the east of your home or living or bedroom as it is considered beneficial to the health of the whole family as the east sector is the Health luck corner based on the Ba Gua life aspirations theory.
  • Carry a Wu Lou in your bag, hang one in your car or place on a work/study desk to absorb negative qi and prevent bad luck and accidents.

Brass Wu Lou

Brass Wu Lou X3Wu Lou Xiu Hu protection amulet

Gui Fu Shu Wu Lou

Gua Hu Fu Wu Lou Trinity Talisman

Are you prepared for 2020?

2020 chinese astrology and feng shui guide2020 cures and enhancers2020 flying starsanimal predictions 2020


31 thoughts on “What is a Wu Lou and where should it placed each year?

    1. Hi Khoa,

      Unfortunately, this would not work well for the east this year. You should place the Bao Hulu Wu Lou in the north for the annual #3 star.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Tess,

      There is no prayer to be said before placing a Wu Lou. All of our cures and enhancers are cleansed of any negative energy when we receive them and again when we send them out.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  1. My question awhile ago is where can i put the salt water? is it inside the the wu lou? how about the 6 coins where shall i place it?

  2. Can I reuse brass wu lou by sunning them? Do I need to open/unscrew the brass wu lou when placing them in East & South in 2020? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi,

      Yes, you can reuse your Wu lou as long as it is not damaged. You would not need to unscrew the Wu Lou when placing it in the east and south.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  3. Good day!
    I bought wu lou (small one, colored red and like plastic in form), tied together almost 1foot long with red tussle and Chinese knot. Where is the best placement?


    1. Hi,

      Do you mean your Wu Lou has broken as in chipped or snapped? If so, I would recommend replacing the Wu Lou.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Jill,

      The Wu Lou can be cleansed and reused until it becomes damaged and would not need to be changed every year.

      The majority of cures can be reused each year with exception for cures such as the master cure which are year specific. The saltwater cure and six Chinese coins should be replaced annually.

      Kind regards,

  4. Is Wu Lou charm need to be replace every new year? Specially theone hang in the living & bedroom?
    What is the best charm need to be use for sick/weak person?
    What is the best charm for attracting good sales/business?

  5. Hi,

    I have had 2 Wo Lou’s on our bedside tables for about 10 years now. They have lost their red ribbons. Should I replace them or will they still be okay?

    1. Hi Jan,

      If the Wu Lou’s are still in good condition, I would keep them and try to find some red ribbon from a hobby store.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hello,
    1. Would a wooden wu lou be as effective?
    2. Wu lous that have auspicious Chinese characters engraved on them, are they effective cures?
    3. Would a fresh green wu lou be as effective?
    Thank you.

      1. Thank you Mr. Daniel Hanna for your prompt reply.

        1. Would having wooden or fresh green wu lous by the bed be helpful to aid recovery?
        2. Re. wu lous with Chinese scripts.
        I have seen some with the word 福 engraved on the lower part of the wu lous. Are they beneficial?


        1. Hi En,

          I would use either one for enhancing health and aiding recovery.
          The symbol looks like the symbol for “Fu” which translates to fortune or good luck which would be more appropriate to wealth.

          Kind regards,

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