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Written by Michael Hanna

Are you prepared for 2020?

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This section is for the professional Practitioner, our Xuan Kong student or hardened enthusiast and gives advice each month on how you can use traditional cures and enhancers for your clients or your own home.

For those of you that use Xuan Kong flying star, you will know that to weaken or enhance facing and sitting stars you will need to create mountain or water inside or outside your clients home or office.

As you know we always preach that 70% of Feng Shui is external land forms, if you have a good mountain #8 star and this is supported outside with a mountain or building this will be good for the owners health and well being.

If you have a good #8 water star and a nice river supports it, lake or pond this will be good for your client’s wealth. Now lets get back to the real world. Many of my clients live in towns or cities and mountain and rivers are very scarce.

So with the absence of lakes and mountains how can an average home enjoy good Feng Shui? We create them, a neighboring house, office, high-rise, factory, fence line, trees, large furniture, closed doors & windows, Yin activity (quiet) create mountain. A road, a pathway, hallway, open doors & windows, internal or external water feature, Yang activity (activity)
create water.

This is why on every consultation I attend much of my time is spent outside examining the external land formation, a good Practitioner can tell what effect land formation will have on their clients. You will notice on my consultation enquiry page I do not want to know any history of my clients before I see them, a good Practitioner will know what their life has been like since living in their home.

An example, if my client had a #5 mountain and #9 facing in the south of the property and in that part of the home they had a large neighboring building or high trees supporting the #5 mountain I would know straight away that health and bad luck would be a problem. If however in the south they had a large open playing field where the slopes away there wealth should be good because it supports the Sheng (growing) #9 water star.

Do not spend time trying to cure or enhance every part of the home, look at external land formations first, this will paint a picture of the owners life.

Every consultation I attend I have 100% accuracy on events with my clients life’s, obviously this does not come to you overnight, you will need to look at individual Gua for occupants, yearly and monthly stars as they play an important part. This is why we have ups and downs in our life; the energy changes every hour, day, month and year bring good and bad fortunes.

Look at your consultations at different levels; authentic Feng Shui is not just about placing three legged Toads (sorry Jo) it is about land forms and internal Chi distribution, the three legged Toads are just the icing on the cake (had to get that in or no dinner tonight).

Good luck and if you would like further details of our course in Xuan Kong please visit this link please visit this link fengshuischool.htm or email Sallie at sallie@fengshuiweb.co.uk

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Are you prepared for 2020?

2020 chinese astrology and feng shui guide2020 cures and enhancers2020 flying starsanimal predictions 2020

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