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At the Academy of Feng Shui we have designed the most powerful Feng Shui professional software for calculating your own natal chart in Xuan Kong Feng Shui and Eight Mansions Feng Shui. Not only does this amazing software calculate your chart it also analyses all the directions of the home or office giving you recommendations on what to do to enhance or cure certain areas, this software as far as we are aware is the first of its kind and years of development work have gone into providing a very powerful piece of software that we know many Practitioners and novice alike will save years of study.

So what does the software do?

  • 100% accurate calculation of a Xuan Kong natal chart with mountain, facing, period, annual and monthly stars.
  • A full list of each star and directional element showing instant view of conflicts.
  • Save as many clients or friends on a database offering instant recall of all client data.
  • Comprehensive information on Lo Pan, house trigram, element, mountain name and so much more.
  • Import floor plan superimposing all the cardinal directions over it offering accurate scale of directions so you will instantly know where south, north etc. occupy your home or office.
  • Calculate your Ming Gua (eight mansions) Trigram showing you or your clients instantly your good and bad directions.
  • Calculate your earthly branch (Chinese animal)
  • Software to draw scale floor plans of your home or office
  • Customise monthly and annual stars and also elements.

Just enter the house or office compass direction and the year the home was constructed and you instantly get a 100% accurate natal chart showing you your good and bad directions and all the information on what you will need to do to cure or enhance.

This course or software is not intended to replace the training a true Master can offer but it will give you the confidence of accuracy of your calculations. This is very important as mistakes in Feng Shui can cost health, relationships and wealth.

Xuan Kong flying star Natal Chart:

It gives you a complete analysis of all of the 81 flying star combinations as shown below, this has never been done before in the way we present it as most books will give you the combinations good or bad but not tell how to cure or enhance.

81 Flying Star Combinations:

A fully functional database enabling you to enter client details and instantly recall them at any time.

Comprehensive database:

Lou Pan and house Trigram information:

Why have we designed this software?

1.To enable you to reduce many years of learning.

2.To give you 100% accuracy in calculations and analysis.

3.Peace of mind for you and us as responsible teachers.

There are many courses available in Feng Shui but none even close to what we offer, within three day you will have more knowledge than 80% of Practitioners out there earning a full time living in Feng Shui.

We have condensed three years of learning into three days. We have done this by designing software to ensure that you will not make a mistake. The majority of students who attend our course just want to use traditional Feng Shui on their own home or office, while others want to learn to increase the knowledge that they have already. Our course is not some airy fairy new age type course that you will be hugging trees and ringing bells, this is authentic Feng Shui that has taken us many years to learn and without this software it would also take you many years.

So the reasons we developed this software is to provide you with shortcuts in learning and also for us in knowing that you will walk away after three days with the minimal chance of making a mistake in charting a natal chart.

The software and three day course will never replace a professional Feng Shui consultation or what a Master can teach you over ten years, the fun of learning how to write the Chinese characters and instantly recognise them, the history and so much more, but in today’s world we have less time to learn and a strong desire to gain as much knowledge in the shortest time possible.

If you would like more details of this unique course click on the link below and fill in the online form at the bottom of page. Don’t leave it to the last minute to book, on every course we have to disappoint many as you can imagine places sell very fast.

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