Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2018 – 7 Star

Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2018 – 7 Star

Are you prepared for 2018 year of the yang earth dog

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Are you prepared for 2019?

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Tui 7 Red  The Lofty Wind of Tui (Po Jun) flies into the east in 2018

Flying Stars 2018 7 Star Tui

The #7 mischievous red stars is a negative influence in period 8. The trigram Tui is also known as ‘Broken Soldier‘. This is a fighting star which cause problems if left alone. When combined with another untimely star, its negative nature denotes assault, deceit, violence and robbery. This year 2018 it falls into the wood element of the east Chen palace which places both stars in severe conflict and can cause many problems if left untreated.

The #7 Red indicates a high risk of burglary, deception, copyright theft, gossip and back stabbing especially in the months of February and August if not treated correctly this year.

Front door position in 2018 Feng ShuiIf you have a main door or window in the east of your home or office in 2018, please make sure that you check the locks to make sure they are all functioning correctly and if necessary, upgrade the security in this area. Check over your smoke alarms in the east and make sure there are no fire hazards in this area for 2018. The Next step needed would be to place a Huaxianweiyi Sheng Chi Cure and Enhancer in the east of your home or office. This is a traditional and very powerful Feng Shui cure that works in a similar way to Chinese New Year couplets in the sense that they are used as a cure and enhancer for this unhealthy combination in the east in 2018, this combination is known as “puncture the heart sha” (穿心煞) and said to cause health problems with arms, legs and liver and also cause many legal issues, disputes, arguments and the possibility of robbery and theft in a home or business. This is one of the most important cures to place in 2018.

It is vital that the east is treated extremely carefully this year, which makes this Talisman a vital cure for this sector in the year of the Yang Earth Dog and why we have included it in all of our 2018 cures and enhancer kits.

If you have a main door in the east of your home or office in 2018, you should hang a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror outside for added protection in 2018.

Check security in the east in 2018I know that I mentioned this above but please remember to check over the security of your home this year, especially if you have a main door or window in the east of your home or office. Prevention is the best cure and it really pays to take a little time making sure all of the locks are strong and the windows are secure. Do not display any valuable items on windowsills as there is a risk of a passer-by seeing a quick opportunity.

It pays to be wise and avoid taking too many risks for there may be unscrupulous people working against you. There are indications of misunderstandings, pressure and business rivalries that could also lead to losses.

The best advice I can give for the east in 2018 is to check or install smoke alarms, check electrics and check the security of windows and doors in the east.

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Summary for the annual #7 star in the east in 2018:

Keep the east quiet and doors and windows kept closed. Good colours are blue or black. Avoid earth and fire colours and quartz crystals. If you have an office or door in the east be careful of people trying to deceive you, robbery, arguments and loss of wealth, always look at the very small print and be careful as this star normally causes problems with people you know and thought you could trust.

Recommendations and cures for the #7 visiting the east in 2018

  • You should also use more blue in your decoration. You can introduce the colour with cushions, rugs, bed covers or doormats.
  • Do not use anything of fire element or colours red to control it as this may aggravate it.
  • Avoid candles at all costs.
  • Place a Huaxianweiyi Sheng Chi Cure and Enhancer in the east of your home or office in 2018 for protection
  • Install or service/upgrade smoke alarms and security systems.
  • Do not hang metal wind chimes here.


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