Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2018 – 6 Star

Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2018 – 6 Star

Are you prepared for 2018 year of the yang earth dog

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Are you prepared for 2019?

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Ch’ien 6 White  The star of Heaven Chien (Wu Qu) sits in the southwest palace in 2018

Flying Stars 2018 6 Star Chien

The 6 white star is a compassionate money star and in 2018, it has flown in to the southwest which is very good for career, wealth, politicians, leaders and anyone who is involved with jewellery and raw minerals. If you have a main door or important room such as an office or living room in the southwest this year, this is very good and you can benefit from this as this influence can bring success, fame and wealth luck when enhanced correctly in 2018.

Wu Fu five bats of wealth and success TalismanAlthough the #6 white star signifies accomplishment, if you have the annual #6 star located in a bedroom, it can cause problems with the liver and/or legs and you would need to make sure you introduce some water colours such as bedsheets or curtains for the year.

A crucial cure for the southwest in 2018 is a Wu Fu five bats of wealth and success talisman. This is an extremely powerful and much needed cure and enhancer in 2018 for when the #6 flies into the southwest and a special cure is needed as we have the inherent energy of the #2 earth sickness star which can drain the energy of the auspicious visiting star although overall, the southwest is a good area during the year of the Dog and when activated with the Wu Fu five bats of wealth and success talisman, you can enhance and protect wealth luck in your home and office.

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Summary for the annual #6 star in the southwest in 2018:

Take extra care in the months of February, April, September and November.

Overall this is a nice area and even better if your main door or office is located here, keep area active with windows and doors open. Good colours are earth colours yellow. Place some real quartz crystal here or the hanging faceted sphere type; these are very good for activating the wealth and business side of this nice star.

recommendations and cures for the #6 visiting the southwest in 2018

  • If this is your bedroom, a shade of blue or black in your furnishing or décor may help with health. A blue painting (not water scene) may also do.
  • Place a Wu Fu five bats of wealth and success talisman in the southwest of your home or office this year to enhance and protect wealth.
  • Real quartz crystal is very good in the southwest for 2018 as is faceted crystal spheres.
  • Avoid colours red and candles in the southwest in 2018


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