Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2017 – 1 Star


Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2017 – 1 Star

Are you prepared for 2017 year of the Yin Fire Rooster

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Kan 1 White In 2017 resides in the centre.

Flying Stars 2014 1 Star Kan

Kan #1 is a water element. In the physical body it is the ear. Internal organ it is the kidneys and it is also blood.

Kan water #1 (tan Lang) has flown into the centre of every home and office around the world for 2017 and the centre has an inherent earth energy and from a five element aspect, this can cause conflict and whilst I believe there may be conflict in the year, I do not think it will be that bad, especially if you follow the advice here.

Home life prospects for Chinese Animals 2017If you activate certain areas of the home it can bring in new opportunities, gains in financial investments, academic achievements and scholarly pursuits. The intensity of these attributes will differ in varying degrees according to the influence of the visiting monthly stars.

It is awkward when an auspicious star flies into the centre of a building as the centre is usually an area that is open or can fall in to several different rooms and this can be hard to place enhancers. If the centre of your home is the middle of your dining room or lounge, bedroom or other important room this is good news as the positive energy can permeate the rest of the home once you place some enhancers.

If the centre of your home or office falls in to a child’s bedroom or study area this year,  you should place a Ru Yi golden wealth enhancer  and gold Tsai Shen Yeh statue as this protects wealth and also creates new wealth in 2017 in your home or office. This powerful and time-honoured cure should be placed in the centre in 2017 to enhance wealth and relationships over the year of the Rooster. The centre must have some potent cures in 2016. A Ru Yi is also used to deflect poison arrows and it is also known as the “sceptre of office” and traditionally in China, it is placed on an office/study desk giving you total power which is why we have supplied this as standard with all of our Annual Cures and Enhancers kits for 2017.

colour choices for the annual 1 star for 2017

When using colours for the centre in 2017, blue would be a good colour scheme to use in this area. There are many different ways to introduce blue in to your home or office this year and the most common ways are to introduce blue using bedding, throw-overs, lampshades, pillow covers, rugs or chairs etc. Although unlikely, but if a bed is located in this area, remember to place a brass wu-lou beside the bed.

Businesses that rely on sales or related to industries selling properties, stock or similar should be cautious this year and make sure you place all of the appropriate cures in the centre but also in the south and northwest part of your building especially so if they have a main door here.

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Summary for year 2017:

The best months are April, June, September and November.

Take extra care in the months of May, July, August and December and check back here to further analyse these months.

Enhancement summary

  • Place a Ru Yi golden wealth enhancer in the centre to protect and enhance wealth and relationships
  • Try to introduce some blue, black, grey or charcoal colours.
  • A brass Wu-Lou would be good for a bedroom that falls into the centre
  • Place creative enhancements like displaying an abacus, calligraphy set, artist tools like canvas, brushes etc.
  • Place a gold Tsai Shen Yeh statue in the centre to protect wealth in 2017

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