Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2015 – 1 Star

Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2015 – 1 Star

Are you prepared for 2015, year of the yin wood goat?


Are you really prepared for 2015?

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Kan 1 White In 2015 resides in the east.

Flying Stars 2014 1 Star Kan

In element form, Kan is water. In the physical body, it is the ear. Internal organ it is the kidneys and it is also blood.

Kan water #1 (tan Lang) has flown into the east #3 star (Lu Cun) wood location for 2015 which caused water to enhance the wood of the east in 2015, which can bring some wonderful influences for the year such as aiding study, romance, career, children, wealth and many other positive aspects which makes this a good area to work in the year of the Goat and this is especially the case if you have a main door, bedroom, office or any other important room in the east in 2015. If possible, it is advisable to make full use of the east as this can bring some good influences in 2015.

Bedroom Feng Shui 2014

If you have a child’s bedroom in the east in 2015 or a study area, you can enhance the area further by placing a metal yuan bao wealth ingot. To enhance a child’s academic studies in 2015, try and have your child study in the east part of their bedroom.


We have had these jù bǎo pén Yuan Bao wealth ingot’s especially created for us for the year of yin wood Goat/Sheep 2015 and made to exacting standards and auspicious measurements which are one of the most critical components of this stunning wealth enhancer and protector.

There is an auspicious Chinese i-ching coin underneath the ingot plinth displaying yang characters with a small piece of Citrine quartz crystal encased within the ingot which is the master enhancer of wealth and protection which enhances and protects wealth and must be placed in the east in 2015 enhancing the #1 wealth star.

The most important aspects of this cure and enhancer is the overall height of the plinth and Ingot. In traditional Feng Shui you have auspicious and inauspicious measurements and the entire measurement must fall within a “Chai” sector which is approximately between 0.1 – 540mm, this powerful enhancer and cure is nicely sited within Chai which is said to bring six types of money luck and a lottery win and in 2015 it is very good to place lottery tickets or competition entries underneath the plinth.

Childrens bedroom Feng Shui for 2014

A good colour to use in the east this year is different shades of blue or green. A good way to implement different shades in your home or office this year can be by using beddings, throw-over, lampshades, pillow covers etc… If a bed is located in this corner, the west or southeast part of the room, remember to place a set of six Chinese -iching coins tied with red ribbon beside the bed.

How to use colour in your home for the Annual Flying Stars for 2014

To enhance wealth and business in 2015, you can place a water feature in the east, the water ideally should be moving (yang) water or an aquarium, although using still water is fairly safe, I would avoid it unless you have had a Feng Shui Consultant recommend using water as it could cause problems with relationships depending on your land formations and is best to ask a Feng Shui Master if you have had a consultation with them or use our software. You can use outside water if you have enough room in the east as this is also your primary wealth area for the rest of period 8 (2004 – 2024)

If you own or work for a business that rely on sales or related to industries supplying flowers or plants, the east can be a very rewarding area if you activate it in 2015 and especially so if there is a main door here, to enhance further place a water feature in the east although, again, you will need to consult a Feng Shui Master if you are not too experienced with Feng Shui.

Good Feng Shui directions for studies in 2014

The best overall enhancer you can use in the east in 2015 is by placing a annual sheng chi cure and enhancer, we have had these made for us this year as they are perfect for this auspicious combination of elements in 2015.

feng shui water elementIf you are unsure whether or not to use water to enhance wealth in the east this year, you can construct a Flying Star Chart of your home or office and check the charts to see if it is safe to use water in 2015 or you could construct a chart automatically using our Feng Shui software as this will calculate everything for you and advise on wealth, health, relationships and every other aspect.

If you have a bedroom in the east or are hoping to enhance romance in 2015, I would avoid using water as this will cause more problems than it will do good.

Cure and enhancement summary for #1 star in east in 2015

  • A set of six Chinese i-ching coins tied with red ribbon would be good for a bedroom that falls into the east along with blue and/or green colours.
  • Place a sheng chi cure in the east
  • Place a yuan bao fu zhou wealth ingot
  • Place a metal abacus and or a round metal wealth pot filled with coins on your office desk if your office is also in the east sector.
  • If this is a study, a metal abacus will help enhance studies.
  • A Chinese or western calligraphy set is very good to place in the east for 2015 if you want to enhance creativity as an artist or writer or student, if you can place it close to where you study/write/paint.

Click here for the #2 Flying Star for 2015

Please click on the the relevant area to find out more about the Flying star for 2015.

Are you really prepared for 2015?

2015 Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui GuideFeng Shui Software2015 Cures and Enhancers
2015 Animal Predictions2015 Flying Star Analysis
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