Eight Mansions Feng Shui

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By Sallie Tsui Sien

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Eight House Feng Shui also named Eight Mansions Feng Shui is one of the easier and more popular methods used to determine the good and bad locations of a dwelling, to analyse whether you are compatible with the house and to find out your favourable and unfavourable personal directions that promote productivity at work and in relationships, foster good health and successful academic pursuits.

There are many aspects to Eight House Feng Shui which has sophisticated formulae for recognising sha (dangerous) qi (Ch’i) from any given direction, observing bad land structure in a specific location based on the house trigram and Eight House Water Method to name but a few.

The easiest form is calculating your own Life Gua number according to the year you are born thus identifying your four favourable and four unfavourable directions as well as identifying your house trigram and locating the four auspicious and four inauspicious locations within your home.

In Eight House Feng Shui, a dwelling is divided into nine palaces (sectors), one being in the centre and eight of which correspond to the eight magnetic directions. These palaces are north, south, east, west (cardinal directions), northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest (inter-cardinal directions).

Each of the eight magnetic directions holds a different kind of qi (energy) which will influence the respective palace and the person living in it either favourably or unfavourably. In other words, the harmonics of the qi from a given direction can be in harmony or out of tune to the harmonics of your own life Gua.

In order to find which qi resides in which palace of the house, we must find out which direction the house/apartment/office faces.

How do I know which direction my house /apartment faces?

It is easy if your front door (or frequently used door) happens to be located on the same side as the facing of the house but this is not a standard rule to determine the facing of a home.

Michael Hanna wrote an extensive article on how to determine the facing and sitting directions of a property. This is an article that one should read before embarking on applying any Feng Shui formula.

What are the good and bad locations in my house?

The formula is easy enough but we must first find out the trigram (Gua) of the property.

First, let’s look at the eight types of houses in the Later Heaven Ba Gua.

There are eight types of houses named according to their sitting position. For example, if your house faces 178º south, this will make the house a Kan house. It sits north and faces south.

The eight types of houses are:

A Li House sits south and faces north.
A Chen House sits east and faces east.
A Sun House sits southeast and faces northwest
A Kan House sits north and faces south.

A Chien House sits northwest and faces southeast
A Tui House sits west and faces east
A Gen House sits northeast and faces southwest
A Kun House sits southwest and faces northeast.

These eight types of houses are further grouped into two groups – East House and West House. Their correlation within the group derives mainly from the I-Ching, (also spelt Yi-Jing) characterisation of the ‘six relatives’ and also from the interactions of the five phases (elements).

East House Group

Li House
Chen House
Sun House and
Kan House

West House Group

Chien House
Tui House
Gen House and
Kun House

In general, the four associated directions of the house trigrams are the four favourable locations.

For example, the four good locations of an east group Li house are South, North, Southeast and east and a west group Chien House are Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and West.

The four auspicious locations are named Sheng Chi, Tien Yi, Yan Nian and Fu Wei. The four inauspicious locations are named Ho Hai, Wu Kwei, Lui Sha and Chueh Ming.

** Please note that the names given for the locations are mere symbols. It does not represent that if your door is located in the Chueh Ming direction or location there will be calamities or that if your room is located in the Five Ghosts location, you will experience apparitions.

The four auspicious directions that will carry different kinds of good fortune and their meanings are:

1. Sheng Chi (The Breath of Life)
The energy from this direction attracts prosperity, vitality, respectability and reputation. This is a good location for your front door. Personally – this is your best magnetic direction. Locate your work desk in your office or study to face this direction and strive to face this direction when conducting or doing anything important, e.g. planning, interview, business negotiation.2. Tien Yi (Heavenly Doctor)
This magnetic direction fosters good health. Persons under this influence are patient, agreeable, appreciative as well as secure and confident in themselves. This is a good position to place your stove. Personally – this would be a good direction for the bed head to point when locating beds if health is the objective. (The crown of your head should point to this direction when you are lying down).3. Yan Nian meaning “longevity and relationships”
This direction enhances the quality of relationships in the family, promotes longevity and self-sufficiency. This is a good palace for the master bedroom. Personally – this is a good direction for adolescents going through growing pains. For those who work in human resources or are into networking, this is the direction to face when working at one’s desk.4. Fu Wei meaning “overall harmony, peace and stability”
This energy brings about peace. This location is considered a good site for an altar. Personally – this is a good direction for meditation and for very young children to face or to sleep with their head pointing to this direction when they are lying down. If you are into self-development, this is the direction where your bed head should be.

The four inauspicious directions and locations that must be strenuously avoided are:

5. Ho Hai (Obstacles and mishaps)
This energy is considered the least harmful but has been known to lead to all kinds of intermittent difficulty and frustration. Persons under this influence may tire easily and feel insecure. For those with personal Guas that are different from their partner’s, this direction can be used to compromise on the sleeping direction.6. Wu Kwei (Five Ghosts)
This energy generates the kind of mischief that leads to fire, loss of income, and burglary. It also causes quarrels and misunderstanding at home and at work. Avoid placing the stove here or cures will have to be implemented.7. Lui Sha (Six Killings)
This direction represents scandals, missed opportunities, legal entanglements and illnesses. Persons under this influence may experience fitful sleep, lack of focus, lethargy in their everyday being and may even become alcoholic. A bathroom or storeroom placed in this sector will suppress its negative effects.8. Chueh Ming (Disaster)
This is the most harmful and dangerous direction. This energy can cause poor finance and unproductive career. Persons under this influence can experience difficulties in every endeavour and can cause depression, mental illness, accidents and suicidal feelings. Every care should be taken to avoid facing this direction.

Where are the good and bad locations in my house?

The eight types of houses and their respective good and bad locations are listed below.

A Kan House faces 157.5º to 202.5º south
This is one of the two ideal eastern directional houses as it sits in a good location and faces a good direction for an East group person.

A Chen House faces 247.5º to 292.5º west

A Sun House faces 292.5º to 337.5º northwest

A Li House faces 337.5º to 22.5º north
This is one of the two ideal eastern directional houses as it sits in a good location and faces a good direction for an East group person.

A Chien House faces 112.5º to 157.5º southeast

A Kun House faces 22.5º to 67.5º northeast
This is one of the two ideal western directional houses as it sits in a good location and faces a good direction for a west group person.

A Tui House faces 67.5º to 112.5º east

A Gen House faces 202.5º to 247.5º southwest
This is one of the two ideal western directional houses as it sits in a good location and faces a good direction for a west group person.

Am I compatible with my house?

Like houses, people are also divided into east and west groups. Ideally, an east group person should live in an east type house and a west group person should live in a west type house which would enable you to make good use of the favourable sectors of the house. The orientation of the walls of the house will also allow you to sit facing one of your good directions.

To know whether the house is orientated in your favour or not, we need to find out your Gua number.


To find out which group you belong to, we need to know your gender and the month and year of your birth. The table below offers you a fast reference of your birth Gua.

Important Note: According to the Chinese solar calendar (Hsia Li), if you are born between January and 5th February of the Gregorian calendar, you are considered to have been born the year before in the Chinese solar calendar. Have a look at the chart below and you will see what I mean.


If you are a Gua 1 person, you belong to the east group type and your four favourable personal directions are southeast for wealth, east for health, south for relationships and north for self-development. You should try to avoid the southwest and northwest at all costs and northeast and west if you can.

Eight Mansions work on your personal four favourable and four unfavourable directions according to your Gua number. For example, the location of doors plays an important role in determining the quality of Feng Shui experienced in a property.

  1. Ensure that your front door is orientated to match your most auspicious (Sheng Chi) direction. When you are looking to buy a house, office or an apartment, look for one whose main door faces this direction.
  2. You will also find it beneficial if the doors that lead into your bedroom, study or office also face one of your personal auspicious directions. Refer to the chart above for your most auspicious (Sheng Chi) direction. For example, if you are a Gua 1 person, your Sheng Chi direction is southeast, Gua 2 Sheng Chi direction is to the northeast and so on.
  3. Orientate your work desk in your study or office to face one of your personal good directions. Sheng Chi direction is the best for work but if you are unable to manoeuvre your desk to this direction, facing one of the good directions will do just fine.
  4. Arrange your work desk so that your child sits facing one of their good directions when studying at home in the library or study. Teenagers studying for their exams should face their Sheng Chi direction whereas young children should face their Fu Wei direction.
  5. Sleep with the bed head orientated to your Yan Nian or Tien Yi direction if possible; otherwise one of your four auspicious directions will do if you are limited by space and the orientation of the walls.

The gua numbers of my spouse/partner and mine are different?

  1. The facing of the front door should favour the breadwinner.
  2. What if both spouses work? In this case, either the direction of the front door or the sleeping direction should favour the spouse whose Gua opposes the house’s trigram.

Directions are more important than location.

Most of us do not have the luxury to find the house that suits our gua and finding the right house gets more complicated when both spouses belong to the different groups of east and west.

Just remember that directions are more important than locations. As long as you sit and sleep to one of your good directions, you are practising positive Feng Shui.

Living in a home in which the house trigram is not favourable to your personal Gua number is not a disaster. This does not mean that you will not enjoy good feng shui and that everything you do will be downhill from now on. It merely suggests that you may only enjoy about 70% of the good qi of the property.

Watch out for the annual afflictions

As you know, energies are in a constant state of transformation and for this reason, we notice that our well-being differs from one year to another. What causes this? There are several answers to this but one basic explanation is the annual afflictions.

No matter how auspicious a palace (location) maybe, if it is affected by an annual affliction, you will see subtle changes in the wellbeing of the household during the year especially if the annual afflictions happen to affect active palaces such as the front door, the main bedroom, the living room or a teenager’s room.

These afflictions are The Five Yellow, The Three Killings and Tai Sui. Their influences can cause obstacles, illnesses, difficulties and disharmony.

Below is a general guideline on how to apply Eight Mansions to your everyday life.

  1. Try your utmost to sit facing one of your good directions according to your personal Gua number.
  2. Depending on the issues you wish to improve, sleep with your head pointing to the respective good directions. Sheng Chi for prosperity, Tien Yi for health, Yan Nien for relationship and Fu Wei for harmony and self-development. Fu Wei is the direction younger children should face as it harbours growth energy which will benefit them. Generally speaking, you are doing well as long as you face one of the personal good directions.
  3. Be aware of the locations of the annual afflictions. The Five Yellows can be traced by the annual flying stars. Five Yellow is located at the central palace in 2004 and will move onto occupy the northwest palace in 2005.

The above methods are only a part of the Eight House system of Feng Shui. Eight House Feng Shui consists of many advanced and sophisticated methods.

There are other more potent systems of Feng Shui that require the keen observations of the land structure that surround your home, how to analyse the quality of the energy that is around you and how it may affect you. This requires an understanding of the quality of energy in a given space at a given time. There are also formulae devoted exclusively to the flow of water called the ‘Water Dragon Classic’.

As you can see, these are particular formulae which are extremely technical. With this mind, you will see that Eight House Feng Shui does not play an exclusive role in analysing the quality of Feng Shui in your property. Eight House Feng Shui is only one of the many aspects of a Feng Shui analysis of a property.

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64 thoughts on “Eight Mansions Feng Shui

  1. I am renting an Annexe, the main house is at the West side. The ENTRANCE of the Annexe is NORTH at the back, where there is a hill, which that could be a good thing as is protecting my place. The Annex has 2 floors, the ground floor has an open plan kitchen with living room and stairs to the First Floor with 2 bedrooms, one at the EAST and one at the WEST side, in the NORTH the bathroom.
    There are BIG WINDOWS in both floors, EAST and SOUTH EAST. The MAIN ROAD faces SOUTH EAST, and is a close road, so no traffic, only people who lives around park their cars and there is a nice distance view of nature and mountains.
    I am struggling to find the Facing Direction of the Annexe. I don’t think is the main entrance at the NORTH, but probably the SOUTH EAST?
    I appreciate any help or information on this!!
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Andrea,

      You would usually class the facing direction as the side of the home with the most curb appeal and from what you’ve said, it sounds as though this would be the southeast.

      The easiest way to decide this is if you were sending a photo of the home to your new friend, you would usually pick the most attractive and open side.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hello Master
    Thank you for sharing this information. I have a few questions re. House Gua, activation of flying stars and personal gua, hope you will be so kind to shed some light.
    1) My house faces E (E2 specifically), it is a Period 8 house (I will renovate and move in 2023), and based on the flying star chart, I see that the good sectors are in W, S and center and the bad sectors are SE, N . Because of the area the house is in, there is basically no natural landforms like mountains, rivers/waters within a 2km radius. Out the front we see the neighbour’s house across the road, and the backyard faces the backyard of the neighbour behind. The shape of the house is long and rectangular, where the walls in the N & S adjoin the neighbours’ houses, so again, no real external forms or structures. In this case, will the flying stars be activated since (from what I understand) flying stars are activated by external land forms?

    2) My personal gua is 9 and my partner’s is 2 (male 5), hence opposite groups of gua. The main door faces East. Our bedroom will be in the W sector. Which direction should our bed be for good heatlh?

    3) Since my gua is 9, my life palace is South, but this sector is very very small in the house as it is a long and narrow house. The tiny south sector is the staircase! What impact will this have for me, if any? The south actually has natal 6-1 star combi.

    4) When selecting dates to renovate (the whole house), is it the start date of renovation that is important or is the whole duration of the renovation important, in order not to activate the Grand DUke/5 yellow/3 killings ?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sy,

      The Flying stars can be activated using the five elements – I would read this link to give you a good idea of how to activate or weaken the different stars – https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/flyingstars2022.htm

      Your partner’s best direction for health is the west while yours is the southeast; I would pick one of these directions based on who would benefit from this more.

      I would focus on activating the natal stars for this and try to face the south when relaxing, working etc.

      When renovating, you would try to avoid any date that there will be a loud noise and a lot of disruption.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Michael,

    My kua number is 7 and my husband is a 6, we live in a SW facing house and our bedroom is in the Ho hei (Mishaps) area. We sleep with our heads facing SE as this is the only wall the bed can go on with being under a window or sharing a wall with a toilet. What can we do to help cure this? Should we move our bed to the window (SW) or toilet wall (NW). Thank you

    1. Hi Hayley,

      The southwest is a great direction for you both and would be the best choice. As long as you close your curtains or blinds at night, this will not cause issues sleeping under the window.

      I hope this helps 🙂

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi! I just want to ask, the door of my business is facing Southeast and my Kua number is 8 (female) and that is my Cheuh Ming, how can I counter this? That is the only door we can use, Also my business partner’s Kua is 4( female) which is opposite to mine? what should we do? 🙈 Thank you!!

    1. Hi AA,

      It is not so much of an issue if your business partners Gua conflicts with yours as you can both align your offices to face your auspicious directions hopefully. I would recommend facing one of your auspicious directions when sat at your desk etc to balance out the front door facing your Cheuh Ming direction.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  5. I am a Female 5 so I am an 8 and west facing. My house (front door) and driveway are facing south and thus the house is better for east facing group and me and my husband are both west facing. The street we live on runs along the west side of the property making it at times feel like we are in a west facing house. My front door is in the south west sector opening south. This is an inaspicious location for the house but for my life gua it is Sheng chi. Is it then auspicious for me to have my door there. Also our bedroom is in the south east, which is good for the house but not for my life number. Would facing west, with the headboard against the eastern wall help with this? Also, when you say “facing” direction, you’re referring to the direction you are looking at when sitting, correct?

    Thanks so much!!!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Wendy,

      If your house is incompatible with your personal Gua, you would try to face your auspicious directions when working, relaxing, sleeping etc. If the headboard is on the east wall, this would mean that you are sleeping facing towards the east as this is measured by the top of your head. If you can place the headboard on the west wall, this would mean you are facing your Yan Nian direction which would be much better.

      With your personal Gua directions, these are mainly directions to face although you will benefit from having important areas in these directions when you make use of them.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi My life gua is 7 and I’ve just moved into a house facing South West but my front door is in the South location, which is my Wu Kwei. Will it balance out if I sleep in the North West my Sheng Chi location?

      1. Hi Vee,

        If the front door falls into an inauspicious sector, you can balance this by using your auspicious directions for work, relaxation, sleep etc 🙂

        Kind regards,

  6. Hi my proposed house belongs to kan house which faces south, and i plan to have a u shaped house where my fu wei is my central courtyard and my front door will be at the sheng qi portions and faces south. however my stairs will be at the center of the house. would that be okay?

    1. Hi Aya,

      The layout sounds good to me as you will have your front door in the Sheng Chi area. I would not worry about the stairs being at the centre.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi,

      If your office is located in an auspicious sector, I would try to face your desk towards one of your auspicious directions.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    2. Is it ok if the comfort room is in the chueh ming and ho hai direction of the house? The faucet of the kitchen is in the success direction of the house.

      1. Hi Ben,

        If the room is in one of your inauspicious sectors of the home, you can face the sofa so that you are facing towards one of your auspicious directions to counteract this.

        I hope this helps.

        Kind regards,

  7. For K Number 2: The bed is against SE wall (five ghosts), it’s the only wall the bed can go on unfortunately. What can cures can we implement? Thank you so much for your time… Kindly.

    1. Hi M,

      If you cannot move your bed to a different location, I would try to face your auspicious directions when doing other tasks such as working, relaxing, studying etc as this will help balance things.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  8. Dear master, my house is a Li House . my kua is no 1 and my wife kua is no7. Our kitchen is currently located at the south. South is a good direction for my kua but not my wife , she’s a West. My South West is Liu Sha, six Killing direction. Should my kitchen located to South West. I heard from friend who said i should not be putting Stove in the Good direction but put at the bad direction. If i were to locate the stove to SouthWest , will it affect my wife then since her South West is a good direction. How do i pick the correct direction to install my stove. Thanks

    1. Hi Jeff,

      I would recommend placing your stove in one of your good directions if you can; the best choice would be your Sheng Chi direction. If your directions clash with each other, I would suggest going with the breadwinner’s direction which is traditionally the highest earner in the home. Another way to look at this is to pick the direction for the person who will be using the stove the most.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  9. Should we include the garage if it is attached to the home when creating our floor plan to divide the space into 9 sectors?

    thank you

    1. Hi Salvador,

      If the garage has an internal door and is used daily, I would include this in the plan although if it is mainly used for storage, I would not class this as part of the floor plan.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  10. Dear Master
    I had a question in mind for a long time,
    I home LI Gua #9 Fire
    My personal Gua 1 Water
    My door facing East Sheng Qi
    My question, will the house Qua change in Period 9?
    Thank you in advance and looking forward your professional advice
    Warmest regards, choi

    1. Hi Choi,

      The house gua will stay the same in period 9 as it was in period 8 as this is based on the fixed elements and will not change.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi there,
    So we have the 8 mansions with 4 good directions, if the number 5 or 2 stars are in that direction this year, does it become a negative direction (so 6 bad directions). And likewise, if it falls into a negative direction, does it become a ‘super’ negative direction?
    Thanks in advance!
    (p.s. my gua number is 6)

    1. Hi Kel,

      Eight Mansions and Flying star are two different schools of Feng Shui and the best way to combine the two is to use the four good directions for facing when working eating etc and use the Flying star directions for good and bad sectors of the home.

      If you had an inauspicious star in a good Eight mansions direction, you would be best to avoid the area if you had the choice.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hi
    Just wondering i am sleeping with head pointing to good direction but behind the wall is a bathroom with toilet just set behind it, will it still be a good direction?

    1. Hi Archie,

      I would recommend a bed with a good solid headboard to counteract this if you can.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  13. Thank you for the good and detailed article.
    I have been using one Fengshui Master services in my country to help me build my house.
    The Fengshui Master said that we should use personal kua good direction as a sitting position.
    But as I read from other sources some Master said we should use personal kua direction as a facing direction.

    Which one is true? Please help me. My personal kua is 2. I am a male.
    I am building a house and for some reason we need to make the front door facing the Northwest.
    Will the main door facing Northwest gave me a bad luck?
    The Fengshui Master told me, based on my personal kua, main door facing Northwest will bring me bad luck.

    My house is a Li house facing north. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Lin,

      It is better to have your home facing one of your auspicious directions, rather than sitting.

      I would recommend having your home face he northeast, west. northwest or southwest.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Lin,

      It is better to have your home facing one of your auspicious directions, rather than sitting.

      I would recommend having your home face the northeast, west. northwest or southwest.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you very much for your response. About the home facing direction, as for now it is impossilbe for me to have a good fengshui facing home. So could these 4 facing direction recommended by you be applied to my front door facing direction too?

        1. Hi Lin,

          This would also be good to have your front door facing one of your auspicious directions.

          I would try to face your auspicious directions when working, sleeping, watching TV etc.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

  14. You are amazing and have w pained it so well !!! Wish I could work with somebody like you who is an expert and such detailed and in depth knowledge!!!

    I have studied 8 mansions classical fengshui and looking to work with somebody in Singapore if you know of anybody ps do let me know .
    Thankyou Vibha

    1. Hi Vibha,

      Thank you for your lovely words 🙂

      I’m afraid that I do not have anyone that I can recommend; sorry about this.

      Kind regards,

  15. Hello,

    Wow so I will be moving into an apartment that is not ideal for me, I’m west group and the apartment is an east group house. Are their ways to make the most of these un ideal situations?

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Chris,

      I would focus on appeasing the flying stars in your home as this will have more of an influence than the external surroundings.

      Kind regards,

  16. Hello,

    first of all thank you for such a great site with incredible content and such clear and educational stuff! Respect!!
    I have following question: Lets suppose I live in a Chen house and my Ming Gua is 3 and Ming Gua of my wife is 4, so we have absolute congruence between house trigram and birth year and this fits perfectly. But our child has a birth Gua 7 and absolutely all of the 4 auspicious birth directions for him coincide with the 4 worst directions of the house… What to do in such a case? Which one is more important – house Gua or birth Gua? Please kindly advise on this!

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Miro,

      For your son, I would try to match up to his birth Gua directions over the house as he will receive more benefit from this.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hello Daniel,

        thank you very much for your kind help and response! Your suggestion is much appreciated!

        Have a nice day!


  17. Hi .A thought I have and wondered if you could help me.
    If taking my house directions then Liu Sha is west which I have a bathroom and closet .I wanted to place a mirror there to open the west part and remove negativity of bath as west is an important sector .Would that be a mistake on my part ?

  18. Dear master, does facing direction apply to western system of 8 mansions system as well (aka career, knowledge, family, wealth, etc, counting sectors clockwise)? I mean for this, should I use the main entrance wall as a reference or actual facing direction (or both)? Thank you very much.

  19. You say that the Tien Yi direction is a good place to have a stove. How about a Kan house, where this means East? East being Wood, wouldn’t a stove (Fire) weaken the energy…? I am very interested in your answer, because I will be building a Kan house next year, with the kitchen located in the East, and partly in the North-East, and it would actually be more convenient for me to have a stove in the eastern area.

    1. Hi Anna,

      Sorry for the late reply. Tien Yi is a good location for the oven for you personally but maybe not for the home, there are so many levels of Feng Shui to consider and if you are building a house I would invest in a Feng shui consultation or consider our software as you can input your floor plans.

      Good luck with your new home

      Kind regards


  20. Hi .Its would help me a lot to understand the facing direction of my house .Is it the main door that opens into a passage or is it which is how I always looked at it ,my hall balcony which is large with windows and a door and plenty of sun and yang energy .With so many different views would truly appreciate understanding that .Thank you.

    1. Hi Shoni,

      The best way to find your facing direction is to imagine you are selling your home; which is the most attractive and open side of the home that you would take a photo of for your listing. Whatever side you choose will be your facing direction.

      A lot of homes have doors to the side and this is not the actual facing direction.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you so much for the reply I do appreciate this so much .It had been a lot on my mind as the facing direction is so important.Yes I have always felt that the hall with the windows and door that opens out to a large terrace with maximum yang energy is my apartments facing.Which in my case is north west 2./3.Thank you once again.With regards .Shoni

  21. It is more fruitful to me,
    Becouse, i am newcomer in fengshui consultant. I have only three years experience only in fengshui.

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