Wen Chang Pagoda

Price: £18.88
The pagoda is one of the best-known cure in Feng Shui and is known as a crucial piece in every home and workplace all over the world. The pagoda is a potent cure and enhancer that is used to dissipate negative energy and free home or workplace of problems. In 2020 this should be placed in the centre for protection against the #7 annual robbery star trapped in the centre. The Pagoda symbolises strength, wealth luck, career luck, good studies, wholeness and decency which is why we have carefully selected this cure for its quality. The centre can cause a lot of problems due to the annual #7 argument star entering and permeating through the other 8 sectors of the home or office in 2020. Not only is this Pagoda a powerful cure it also looks lovely and is made from good quality ...
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