Zhaocai Ruyi Toad left side

Zhaocai Ruyi Three-legged Toad God

Price: £19.99
This stunning Three-legged wealth toad is an essential cure for the southwest of every home and office in 2021,  the inauspicious #3 star enters the southwest palace and help is needed to make the most of this great influence to weaken this negative star and avoid theft, arguments, disputes, wealth loss and legal problems in 2021. The Zhaocai Ruyi toad has been carefully selected for the year of the Ox as the #3 annual visiting star falls into the southwest palace together with Sui Po, making this a volatile sector for the year with the ability to cause legal issues and disagreements with others when activated. This magnificent wealth Toad God has been made to exact measurements, design, stature and is one of the best we have ever seen, standing impressively with a remarkable ...
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