Bag of 100 Chinese I Ching coins.

Bag of 30 Chinese I Ching coins

Price: £18.00
These 30 superb quality I-Ching Coins are of the finest quality and as they are a very powerful cure and enhancer it is more convenient for you to buy them in bulk quantity. I-Ching coins are round in shape and have a square hole in the centre. The round and square shapes represent heaven and earth. The coin has two sides; one side of the coin is Yang (depicted by four characters), the other is Yin (2 characters). You should always place I-Ching coins with the Yang side facing up.  There are so many ways to use these coins; you can place them in your purse to attract wealth, keep them in accounts book to protect your finances and so much more. It's best to take a look through the website to see how you can implement these coins into your home and office. A powerful and little ...
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