Bao Hulu real wu lou Protection Gourd

Price: £15.88
An extremely powerful and much-needed cure in 2019 as we have the #3 argumentative legal star visit the south sector and this can affect the female in a home or business in 2019. This particular talisman was handmade for us and carefully placed together with red ribbon and six-row rhombus signifying wealth and protection for the building and embossed with a symbol of wealth, luck and health protection. This stunning wu lou has been made to exact measurements with a real calabash to ensure accuracy as in Feng Shui measurements are crucial and also little known. So whilst this is a magnificent cure and enhancer it is actually extremely potent and a little-known cure. Another important aspect is the Chinese six-row rhombus (fire element shape and colour) Mystic Knot is also known ...
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