Brass Wu Lou talisman x3

Price: £58.88
For a discounted price, you can order three Brass Wu Lou talismans for the #1, #2 and #5 stars in your home or office giving a total saving of £12.76 and works out at £19.62 each Wu Lou The brass Wu Lou is a very special talisman that was made for us to exact standards and specifications and carefully crafted with red ribbon, signifying wealth and protection for the home or office or any other important room. Embossed on the underside of the brass Wu Lou are the Eight Trigrams which signify wealth, luck and health protection. This stunning Wu Lou has been made to exact measurements to ensure accuracy as in Feng Shui, measurements are crucial and also little known and rarely used with cures and enhancers. This magnificent cure and enhancer is actually an extremely potent and a ...
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