Xiang Fei Fu Brass Wu Lou

Xiang Fei Fu Brass Wu Lou – Bespoke Feng Shui Talisman

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The ultimate Feng Shui cure and enhancer engraved with your name and personalised exclusively to you based on your birth date. This brass Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou is a very special talisman that we have been using with our private consultation clients for over twenty years, and we have now decided to release it to the public. Each Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou Talisman is engraved with a special talisman script and your name and Trigram engraved on the back, and you will receive instructions on where to place in your home or office based on your date of birth and what area of your life you would like to enhance.  You can use up to four Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou’s in a home or office focusing on your auspicious sheng chi (生气wealth and luck), Tian Yi (天医, Heavenly Doctor), Yan Nian (延年, health and ...
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