8 Coins tied in Miao infinity circle with wealth ingot

Ba Bao eight treasure coins in circle amulet

Price: £6.88
The #7 red star flies into the southeast this year and with the annual influence of metal destroying wood, this can affect the eldest daughter or female, we need a very powerful wood cure to weaken the effects from the Annual Flying Star. This can cause problems related to security, car accidents, violence, robbery, and problems with kidneys, feet and ankles so please make sure that you treat the southeast with care in 2019. These Ba Bao eight treasure I-ching coins are tied together with a red ribbon which is strung in a circle and hold very strong power to attract new wealth into your home or office. This enhancer can also strengthen and protect existing wealth in your home and business as the shape of this cure is a metal shape and helps to appease the #7 water star in the ...
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