Shuang chong  li yu Double Carp

Shuang chong li yu Double Carp

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The symbol of a double carp facing each other is said to increase wealth and good luck and must be placed in the northwest of your home and/or business. Double Carp is also a symbol of harmony and married happiness when depicted as a pair facing each other and said to improve romance and relationship luck and often used to repair existing relationships and as the west has an auspicious #8 star in 2021, this is a perfect romance enhancer as they are symbols of ambition, perseverance, and bounty. Particularly because the Chinese word for fish, “Yu” sounds like surplus and abundance. The double Carp signifies joyous reunions, marriage luck, plentiful good fortune, affluence, success in academics and literary luck. The double Carp are also said to protect from wealth loss and also ...
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