Shou Kun qi Fu (trapped qi talisman) Wish & romance enhancer

Price: £18.88
With the lovely #4 romance star visiting the north in 2019 you must use a very special peach blossom enhancer Talisman Shou charm. The perfect enhancer is the Shou Kun qi  Fu heart talisman printed and engraved on a stunning wooden photo heart-shaped frame with two wooden red hearts symbolising “two hearts beating as one”, which should be displayed in the north of your home or office on or after 3rd February 2019 to 3rd February 2020. This is a superb and much needed enhancer not just for romance but also for career, wealth and business. This powerful enhancer is a very little known Shou talisman, the whole cure then needs to have a thought form charm image placed and engraved and positively empowered with sheng chi energy (this is already applied to the ones that we sell) and the ...
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