Yan Nian - Essential Oils 10ml Refill - Relationships

Yan Nian – Essential Oils 10ml Refill – Relationships

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Please note that this blend is a Refill and does not come with the seperate external Quartz Crystal or Aromatics software. This direction enhances the quality of relationships in the family, promotes longevity and self sufficiency and is perfect for enhancing romance. If you want to enhance relationships, romance, career and relationships with children, parents, neighbours, friends, associates etc place the burner in this compass direction and place around five to eight drops of the Yan Nian oil into a little water in the burner.  If I am at home or in the office, I personally burn around 2-3 tee light candles a day although once a day is fine.  You will quickly find the right balance for you.  You should also place some objects relating to relationships, ...
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