Sheng Ch'i water feature

Sheng Ch’i water feature

Price: £59.88
This magnificent fountain contains all of the five elements which creates perfect balance in Feng Shui, Through shape, element and colour we have the ideal fountain. The real auspiciousness of this fountain comes from the three small pieces of amethyst quartz crystal along with eight Chinese i-ching coins (you can also add your own crystals), which is said to enhance wealth and prosperity especially if placed in the northwest for 2020. This really is an impressive looking fountain and would complement any home or office. Made from resin to give a rustic look. Complete with pump and polished stones, all you do is add water. The fountain is approximately 185mm(approx 7.3 inch) wide x 390mm (Approx 15.5 inch) high. 2020 Placement Instructions As of 4th February 2020, this ...
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