8 Coins tied in Miao infinity circle with wealth ingot

Ba Bao eight treasure coins in circle amulet

Price: £6.88
The Ba Bao eight treasure coins in circle amulet tied together with a red ribbon which is strung in a circle together, circle hold very strong power to attract new wealth in your home and office and can help to strengthen existing wealth in your home and business if placed in the northeast in 2020 as the shape of this cure is a metal shape and helps to strengthen the #1 water star in the south in 2021. These eight I-Ching coins and ingot represent fame, fortune, wealth and success and can enhance all of the aspects mentioned. Eight is the number of completeness to the Chinese and also the symbol of infinity. In Feng Shui, the number 8 is extensively regarded as an extremely lucky number and is believed to be extremely auspicious when used in Feng Shui. It has long been revered by ...
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