Nine Gold ingot charm - (Jiu chao )

Nine Gold ingot charm – (Jiu chao )

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Nine Gold ingot charm - (Jiu chao ) Is an extremely powerful but little-known Master cure and enhancer for the #9 flying star. Gold Ingots are called (Yuen Bao) in China. Many years ago, the high officials in ancient China used them as a currency for trade. Gold Ingots today are regarded as the symbol of wealth and fortune. This Master cure will give ultimate protection and enhancement of wealth and protection making this the perfect enhancer and also protector of wealth, business and relationships in 2019. This is such a nice traditional cure and enhancer and looks fantastic in any home or office. This nine gold ingot charm is made from a resin and painted gold colour to form nine-tiered wealth ingots tied with red ribbon with double good luck tassels and an auspicious lucky ...
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