Kwan Yin (Quan Yin)

Kwan Yin

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This Kwan Yin is a special enhancer and cure and needs to be placed in the east in 2021 to protect and enhance relationships and career and also to protect against physical and psychic attack. Sadly you cannot just any Kwan Yin statue, she must be of a certain width, stature and colour as we need a light watercolour to enhance this lovely #4 relationship star that falls in the east in 2021. Kwan Yin is a very special Deity often seen on altars in China's temples, Kwan Yin (also known as Kuanyin and Guanyin) Goddess of mercy and compassion; it is said that anyone who calls on her will be rescued from harm and bad health; she is often placed in a home to protect women and children. When placed in a room she cleanses the home of negative influences, including arguments, marital ...
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