Red envelopes  X10

Red envelopes X10

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Red envelopes play a crucial every day role in many transcendental cures. also known as "red packets" "Ang Pow" "laisee" or "Hung-Bao". These are superb quality and a lovely gift for weddings, New Year, birthdays etc. They are seen as extremely auspicious when given as a gift and are even more auspicious when they contain money. The main use of red envelopes is for Chinese New Year, birthdays, weddings or any other important event where the envelopes will be given out to children and unmarried men filled with money. The image on the front of an Ang Pow represents blessings and good wishes of long life, success and good health to the receiver of the envelope. Artists have found new ways to improve the message of good tidings over the years. These ang pows are of the finest ...
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