6 Chinese I-Ching coins tied in a row X3

Price: £17.75
Six Chinese I-Ching Coins tied in a row are an extremely powerful and ancient cure and one that we have personally used in our home and business every year for the past 39 years and this particular set of coins are the best we have ever found in that time; they are absolutely stunning and so effective and in our opinion do not come any better than these. For 2021, you should place this line of six bronze finish I-Ching coins in the north and southeast of your home and office to weaken the 2 & 5 bad earth stars for the year. They can also be used as bookmarks or placed in accounts books/portfolios to enhance wealth. The six Chinese i-ching coins are tied in the finest red silky thread consist of coins that all come from a good dynasty which is actually very important and ...
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