Wealth protection trinity talisman (San Bao - three jewels).

Wealth protection trinity talisman (San Bao – three jewels).

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The Wealth protection trinity talisman is a very unique enhancer and protector for wealth with three auspicious Chinese i-ching coins that have all been chosen from a good dynasty (very important) tied together with red ribbon to form a triangle which is the strongest of all the geometric shapes. The three Chinese i-ching coins represent a trinity of prosperity enhancement (San He) and the top is tied with a lucky knot and combined with double tassels at the bottom to make this a very commanding cure and enhancer in 2019 and must be placed in the northwest of your home or your office/study. You can also place them in your purse/wallet, handbag, account books, till, cash tins etc to attract wealth and abundance. Overall Length Approx. (295m - 11 3/4 inch)  2019 Placement ...
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