ChuXi Crystal gemstone tree for wealth and career luck

ChuXi crystal tree for wealth and career success

Price: £16.88
ChuXi Crystal gemstone tree for wealth and career The ChuXi crystal gemstone tree is an extremely potent wealth and career enhancer and protector that must be placed in the southeast of your home or office in 2020 to ensure that existing and future wealth is put to it’s best use this year and in future years. The crystal gemstone tree is made from copper and natural precious gemstones, making this an essential enhancer for the annual #6 wealth star as the crystal is used to enhance the visiting element and the metal is used to strengthen the natural energy of the annual star, making the ChuXi tree a very effective cure this year. For this cure, we had the base adapted to a round crystal base to further strengthen the metal element with its’ shape. Each crystal is hand threaded ...
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