Lu Mi Tai Sui plaque for 2020

Lu Mi Tai Sui gold plated plaque for 2020

Price: £16.88
Lu Mi Tai Sui gold plated plaque for 2020 The ruling general for 2020, year of the Yang Metal Rat is Lu Mi and it is vital that we pay respect to this deity and appease him if we are to avoid conflict and problems in our home or business during 2020. Tai Sui, Grand Duke falls into the north of every home, office, business and building all over the world from the 4th of February 2020 until the 3rd of February 2021 and has the ability to cause a lot of problems when disturbed which is why we pay respect to the ruling Tai Sui general to appease him for the year ahead. This year, we must place a gold plated plaque of “Lu Mi” as he is the leading Tai Sui general for the year of the Rat; this is especially important this year as we have the inauspicious annual #3 which can cause ...
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