2020 Pocket enhancer

A personal powerful pocket enhancer, protector and cure in 2020 (Wei Hu)

Price: £7.00
Every year, we select the most powerful crystal to form a powerful, personal pocket enhancer to protect against issues related to legal, wealth, health, arguments, disputes and many other stresses that the year can bring. For the year of the Yang Metal Rat, we must use a bloodstone pocket enhancer and keep it in our pocket, wallet, purse, handbag, backpack or as close to you as possible throughout 2020. Bloodstone, which is also known as Heliotrope, is an extremely powerful healing gemstone and when combined with two auspicious Chinese I-Ching coins and harnessed with an extremely powerful thought-form, safeguards the carrier and enhance all aspects of their life throughout the year of the Rat. Bloodstone is known for its healing properties, especially with regards to blood flow ...
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