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Numerology & Feng Shui

Numerology and Feng Shui

“Nothing we learn in this world is ever wasted.”

The Chinese are very superstitious when it comes to numbers, they choose telephone numbers, house number, business numbers, car number plates and anything that has numbers in very carefully.

Every month we get to visit many homes and businesses on consultations and it amazes us as how far our clients take Feng Shui almost to paranoia, which is not good. If you have bad numbers do not worry about it, as I will show you how to eliminate the inauspicious effects.

A little story to begin with, last Friday night I was parked outside the cinema waiting to pick up my two boys and as much as I hate to admit it I was listening to BBC radio 4. I know you always think of the Archers or such like and this is what my Grandma used to listen too, they have some great debates on some nights.

Anyway this program was about superstition, and one of the interviewers was saying how she was not superstitious but had spent the last 30 years saluting magpies or never walking under ladders or the cracks of pavements. Well numbers and Feng Shui, are more superstitious Chinese folklore than anything else, do I take it seriously? Yes and no, if I found the perfect Feng Shui house with a good facing direction and it was good for my family but the house number was number 4, I would still buy it although I have to admit I would use the counter measures listed below.

The main reason these numbers are considered unlucky is because the way the numbers sounds when spoken especially to the Cantonese. An example in western numbers would be the #11 could sound like heaven or #8 sounds like weight or #1 sounds like son, do you see what I mean? So if you have an unlucky #4 and you are from a country other than China. Think of #4 as sounding like “more” which is great.

Numbers considered unlucky:

#4 (Sei) the worst number, why? Because in Cantonese when spoken sounds like the word death. #13 because if you add 1=3 = 4 as above. #24 #104 are also considered unlucky

Numbers considered lucky

8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168 & 108 are all good numbers, the reason #8 is so lucky is because if you say the word (patt) it sounds like “faat” which means “prosperity & abundance”

There are many other numbers I have read about that are considered unlucky in my opinion this is “cannon fodder” and just written about to fill books, if you think about it you could go on for ages, #4 when spoken in English sounds like door, more, store, bore, jaw, paw and “SAW” which out of all of these sounds the worst

The cure:

Feng Shui numerology house signsIf you own a home or business with a 4 or 13 is to draw a circle around the number, seriously it is that simple. The circle is extremely powerful and encloses the inauspicious effects of a negative number. So if you have a house number 4, a cheap way of curing is to go outside and draw a circle around your number or if you have time and money pop down to your local hardware store and find one of those ceramic door numbers that you can customise with a circle around the number, all this time you were worrying about nothing.

How seriously do we take numbers? I would be over the moon if we found the perfect house with great flying stars and it was #8 or 88, but I would not be put off buying it if it were #4 or 13, I would use the cure as above though or change it to a house name like “rose cottage” etc.

Michael has a car number plate with #88 in it; our fax number has three #8’s our telephone # has double nine, so yes we are superstitious a little but not paranoid about it and using the countermeasures above negate the problem, so please do not waste any energy worrying if your house number is 4 or 13, remember in many European countries #13 is very lucky and in Xuan Kong flying star #4 is a romance star. Also remember how far do you take it, both Michael and I were born in the forth month April, could this be bad? If you divide 8 by 2 it equals 4, you can play with numbers all you like and make them work good or bad.

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159 thoughts on “Feng Shui and Numerology

  1. My friend maria referred me here. we bought the same place of apartment but I was given 2 option only.

    Block 2 339 = 17 = 1+7 = 8 . ( it might be a lucky number coz the total is 8 but what bothers me if ill count my house from the right
    entrace by myself its 13th door while from the left its 11th door. 13th bothers me a lot not to choosae. does it matter? or It doesnt matter as
    we are basing only through the main house number.

    My second option is Block 2 338 = 16 = = 1+ 6 = 7( In my understanding as long as there is 8 is fine)

    please help me to finalize: Block 2 339 ( I really like this but I need your confirmation) or Block 2 338

    Thank you

    1. Hi Joahnna,

      I would say the first option is the best as the number is good. Also, you should not base an apartment just on the number, you need to feel happy in it yourself. Good luck in your new apartment, Joahnna.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi i badly need your help asap. In 15 hours im gonna reserve a house and lot i have to choose

    Block 8 lot 141, block 8 lot 137 , block 14 lot 329, block 7 lot 4, block 16 lot 237.

    Pls help which i will choose. Thank u

    1. Hi Maria,
      Going by the numbers only, block 8 – lot 137 looks the best but this is only from a numerology point of view.
      Hope this helps and good luck.
      Kind regards

      1. Wow what a quick reply. Thank you so much. One of the best and concern person.


        Thanks again.

      2. Sir Michael, Block 8 lot 137 is the apartment number but as ive checked its on 4th door from the entrance u think it will affect coz its 4th door or no problem because were basing on house number..

        Thank u

    2. Hi sorry to disturb I know I keep emailing you my apology. I Called my agent to check and give me different house number available he message me a new house number just now..

      BLOCK 8 LOT 141
      BLOCK 8 LOT 140
      BLOCK 8 LOT 139
      BLOCK 8 LOT 138
      BLOCK 8 LOT 137.

      BLOCK 7 LOT 4
      BLOCK 7 LOT 3
      BLOCK 7 LOT 2

      1. QUESTION : Can u give me the best number I must choose of all from block 8 and Block 7

      2. BLOCK 7 is not updated on the system there is chance it might not be availble when i go there tom. Can you give me the best number for lot number 8 only.

      Our family will appreciate your advice..


      1. Hi Maria,
        I would go for BLOCK 8 LOT 138 first or BLOCK 8 LOT 141 second.
        Hope this helps and good luck
        Kind regards

    1. Hi,
      Most SE Asian would avoid this combination of numbers but mostly due to superstition but it is good to have the 8 in the lot number.

    1. Hi Vu,
      The number 220 in Feng Shui is fine and i know you may think 2+2 = 4, it does not work like that all is good with this number.

    1. Hi Jojo,

      I would probably choose 8899 as this represents today’s and future wealth, enjoy your new car.

      Kind regards


  3. Good afternoon There,

    We’re trying to buy a house #774. I’ve learned #4 isn’t good, but the sum makes 18. Would You please advice if it’s good or not.

    Thank You very much,

    1. Hi Susan,

      774 is not bad at all and as you say 18 is a positive number and it would be a number i would choose.

      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

        1. If you read the article you will see that if you are not sure about a number you should draw a circle around the number. The article gives you some ideas.


    1. Hi Lisa,
      48 is probably best but 50 is a close second as even numbers are also considered good in Feng Shui
      Kind regards

    1. Hi Jenny,

      4 is not good in a house number although the solution is to purchase a round door sign and make sure the number is inside the sign as shown in the picture on this page.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Jenny,

      4 is not good in a house number although the solution is to purchase a round door sign and make sure the number is inside the sign as shown in the picture on this page.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi again, I have just accepted a house that is number 4, will it mean we are goig to be very unlucky? What can I do to prevent this? Thanks

    1. Hi Jodie,

      The number 4 is not a good number although I would not let it put me off my dream home. The remedy to this is to make sure that the house number is presented in a round house sign; this is an easy fix and can be bought at most DIY shops. Good luck with the new home.

      Kind regards,

  5. Hello,

    We\’re trying to purchase a home that has a block # 6150. Can you please advise if it\’s good.

    I truly appreciate you response! Thank You!

    1. Hi John,

      Its not a great number but you can weaken this by placing a circle round the condo number such as a plaque.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hello Daniel. Thank you for your reply. What I will like to know is when you say \”weaken\” are you stating that problems will still arise even placing a circle around the number 1404 ? Thank you

        1. Hi Michael,

          Putting a circle round the number tends to neutralise the ill effects and should avoid problems rather than weaken.

          Kind regards,

  6. I am considering either:
    88 street, # 1601
    144 Street, # 532
    Are they good or bad? Appreciate your response.Thank you.

    1. Hi, 88 is considered the most auspicious and 1601 second best, the other two numbers are not great.
      Kind regards

      1. Thank u Michael. Just signed for it today. It felt good going up the elevator and the digitized voice saying 8 when door opens. This will be everytime I reach my floor and double flying stars 8 wait for me at my door facing South :) Happy :).

  7. Hi
    Can you please tell me if the number 58, which makes it a 4 number is bad and can we rectify it by putting a circle around it.
    Thank you. Lillian

  8. Hi can you PLEASE help. Im currently viewing a property next week but its number 14 and its really putting me off although its the only place i may be offered. What should I do? Thank you

    1. Hi Jodie,

      The number 14 equals up to 5 which is not bad and should not cause any problems. If you are concerned about the 4 in the number, you could buy a door number sign and use a circular sign for each number.

      Good luck with the property.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hi Michael,

    The name of our company starts with number 4 (4HM Airetech Ref & Aircon Trading and Services) Will it be ok to draw a circle in number 4 to remove the bad luck. We already using this company name for 2 years now . There were times we have many customers and time that we do not have customers. Second , We tranfer our new office to 3429 is it a lucky number and if not how can we remove the bad luck . Hope you can give me a reply since our soft opening will start on July 1, 2016 .thanks

    1. Hi Maria,

      If possible, I would put a circle around the number 4 on your company logo as you suggested. 3429 is considered a good number as it adds up to 9 and I would not worry about this number.

      Kind regards,

  10. Hi, Michael,
    I\’m planning to get a new car and just checking on which car plate is the best (877, 978, 2868, 6828, 6882)?

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Nadia,

      669 will add up to 3 which is not a bad number although I would purchase a circle door plaque for the front of the home.

      Kind regards,

  11. We are shopping for a house.
    Here are the adress we will visit this week-end.
    Please can you tell me the best number?
    Now I\’m living in a number 74 and my life is a nightmare and I need to know before to buy a new house.

    1. Hi Sophie,

      The best number out of that list is 6391 although this will also come down to the actual home and how it feels for you.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I would purchase a round door number sign for your home and have the number 4 inside the circle plate.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi May,
      They are quite good although 28 is slightly better. Personally i would choose the right home rather than worry about the number.

  12. What so you think of house block E no 17, the house has a plat E17, your reply will be very much appreciated. thank you

  13. I have a house sign # 4 (light gold colour) as small metal (on top of silver metal letter box) plate glued to the left side of s brick fence. What colour (eg, blue, red, etc….) should I circle the sign # 4? Please advise, thanks, Dan.

  14. Is it best to sell our lot blk.13 lot 4 or placing a number with circle on it will be ok as cure? Planning to build our house by next yr.pls help.thanks.

    1. Hi Cherry,

      I would place a the block and lot number in a circle as this remedies any ill effects.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Sonia,

      Your home address equals to 8 which is a very auspicious Feng shui number.

      Your business license equals to 3 which is not great although it is not one of the worst. When displaying your license number, you can play a circle around it e.g. on invoices etc.

      Kind regards,

  15. Hi, My wife wrote you about our house number 2474 which you said to put in a circle. Do you mean the entire number goes in one circle or do you mean each of the 4 numbers has its own circle? Thank you!

  16. Hi,

    My house number is 346. Please let me know if it is unlucky since it has number 4.
    What should I do???

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Melissa,

      As you said, the number equals to 4 which is not auspicious; I would place the house number in a round sign outside your home to avoid problems.

      Kind regards,

  17. Hi,
    we just brought a Lot , the number is block 20 lot 29, west side. Is this a good number?
    Will this affect our marriage? Thanks

  18. Hello ,
    We stay in aren\’t end appartment .door no is 301!!! Is it bad??? If so what should we do ??? Over all last three years we are facing a lot of problems:(:(especially fertility related.plz help me.
    Best wishes.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind reply and help.will do it ASAP.can you suggest some more easy tips to conceive our baby ?? I do have five lucky bamboo sticks (living area) two metal elephant hanging on bedroom door.please help me.
        Best wishes

        1. Hi Sree,

          Monkey peanuts are a fantastic Cure to place beside your bed in a bowl for fertility; I would recommend trying this.

          Kind regards,

  19. Hi, me and my husband is buying a property house i just want to know because i am not comfortable with our house number it\’s blk 13 lot 7… But thats the only left and we like the place location only the house numbers may i know is it good or bad number in feng shui and if it\’s bad anything we can do to change the bad vibes? Thanks…

    1. Hi Joan,

      From a Feng Shui aspect the numbers are not bad at all but to westerns the #13 is considered unlucky which is more superstition than anything else, personally it would not bother me, hope this helps
      Kind regards


  20. Hi, Planning to buy a house with # 18. How good is the number. I am a born on 20th Feb 1976. Please let me know.

    Thank you!

  21. Good day. I am wanting to purchase a beautiful condo with the number 4903. Is this a good number or bad ? I am needing your help. Best regards Candy

    1. Hi Candy,

      4903 when added together equals to sixteen which is an auspicious number. Good luck with the house purchase!

      Kind regards,

  22. Hi, I just found out our house has a terrible number. It is 2474. We have lived here for 30 years. Is there a way to cure the bad number?

  23. Hello everyone,
    well my parents house is 33, my appartment in the number 13 and my office 44.
    What do you suggets? I would apreciate your advice.
    Kind regards,

  24. Hello I am planning to buy and shop; the shop has everything positive besides it\’s number which is number 13. Should I buy this shop?

    1. Hi Sachin,

      I\’m afraid that I cannot advise on the shop just on a number alone although when dealing with inauspicious numbers, you should display the number for the shop in a round plaque to weaken the influence of the number.

      Kind regards,

  25. We are looking a townhome and its really beautiful but what i am worried about is the street number where the townhouse is located is in 4\’th street… The house number though is #125. Do i need to be worried about this street number and what is the cure for it? I cannot out a circle to the street sign….

    1. hi Ann,

      The house number equals to eight which is very auspicious. I would not worry too much about the street number as the effect will be spread across a lot of homes.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Gianella,

      the number two is an auspicious number although the number 4 is inauspicious as it translates roughly to death. with the number 4, if you have a door sign for the lot 4, I would have the number displayed in a circle plaque.

      Kind regards,

  26. Hi,

    I am a single mom with a teenaged daughter. After years of living in a temporary apartment, we finally moved into a great house that we are loving so far. My daughter finally has her own bedroom and we are so happy and grateful. The address is 2567 which I am told equals \”2\” and would make my home a \”happy\” home. Is this true? And is there anything else I should know. Also coincidentally, the house number is a combination of mine snd my brother\’s birthdays. He passed away two years ago and we miss him so. It was a reassuring feeling when I realized the house numbers were made up of our birthdays because I feel like he had a hand in my good fortune to have found this house and was able to even get it given the circumstances I was in. Any information you may be able to tell me is appreciated! Thanks, Barbie

    1. Hi Barbie,

      Congratulations on your new home. 2567 will equal to 20 which is auspicious as it is an even number. I hope you have a great life in your new home and make many happy memories with your daughter.

      Kind regards,

  27. Hi

    We moved into a house number 160, things feel a bit out of sync professionally. We lived happily in a house adding to 14 previously. Please advise what to do?

  28. Hi

    We recently moved into a house number 160, things feel a bit out of sync professionally. We lived happily in a house adding to 14 previously. Please advise what to do?

  29. I did a Life Answers Report Numerology reading for the Month of September.
    44/8 whats the cure for this? and how to minimise anger?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Rinku,

      The fact that this equals to 4 is not a problem, it is more if there is a 4 in the actual number so I would not worry about it Rinku.

      Kind regards,

  30. I am a Realtor listing a house in an area with a lot of Asian buyers. My clients want to list their property at $484,900. Is the negative effect of the 4s negated by the 8 and 9? Would it be considered a luckier number to list at $484,888?

    1. Hi Jon,

      I would recommend listing the property at £484,888 if possible as like you said, the 8\’s will help negate the effect of the 4\’s.

      Kind regards,

  31. Hi,

    Thank you for the article above.

    I am moving to a new property and the adress is the following: Flat 1, building 705. Would you be able to help me understand the vibration of this number?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Juliana,

      the 7 and 5 in your building number add up to 12 which is a good number. 1 is also a good number which means you have a good address.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,

        That\’s great, thank you so much :) I was just worried as all the numbers together (1, 705) added to a four.

        Thank you so much for clarifying!


  32. Hello
    My business number is 157,..which sums 13 = 4…I put the number inside an oval Red color (not a circle). Is it going to work too? The fact that it is an oval line instead of a circle makes any difference?

    Thank you
    Maria Jannuzzi

    1. Hi Maria,

      Apologies but I have only just come across this as it was in the spam folder.

      I would try to buy a sign that is a circle for a door number sign if possible as this will be much more effective.

      Kind regards,

  33. Hi there,
    We have recently moved into a appt 404 and a new office A102, things are not working out too well since then, both professionally and personally, worried!
    Please advise.
    Regards, Mann

    1. Hi Mann,

      It is impossible to give you detailed advice without seeing the buildings but the best thing you can do is put a circle around the building numbers and you will be amazed at the difference that this will make.

      Kind regards,

  34. Hi,

    My wife and I are planning to buy an apartment unit 404. We are worried about the number as its double 4. Just want to ask if it is bad luck?

    1. Hi JR,

      The positve way to look at it is that 4+4=8 which is the most auspicious number to the Chinese. Personally, I wouldn\’t let it put me off.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi JR,

      The positive way to look at it is that 4+4=8 which is the most auspicious number to the Chinese. Personally, I wouldn\’t let it put me off.

      Kind regards,

  35. I have been living in a rented flat 1228 facing NW for the past 2years. We have had severe relationship problems and finance and health have been erratic. We have to renew in June . If I dont get a better one would drawing a circle around the flat no suffice?

  36. Hello, a co-worker of mine just purchased a home with the address \”144\”. He and his wife are having a house-warming party in a week. What feng shui cure/gift can I give or suggest to help diminish the inauspicious effects?

  37. Hi we are buying a lot with lot no 5 block no 7 is it a good number? If it is when should we start constructing our home pls give us some advice

  38. Since I have moved into this particular apartment 13/4 an inconceivable amount of crisies have occurred in my life and the life of those I am accountable for. I never considered my apt # until i just recently did the math and read about 13/4 house numbers. I was shocked to see descriptions of the horrendous roller coaster ride I am on.

    Please I need to know how to get out of this apt. This was to be a temporary residence and yet we have not been able to get our selves out and now feel uncertain of our future. I am worried what will go wrong next. And to note I was NOT superstitious and did not know anything about this 13/4 number until just this past week.

  39. I have a house number 5, street number 9.

    Is this good or bad?
    I think is by itself is very good [ 5 elements etc], and we know that 9 is good also. Together, im not sure?

  40. Hi I\’m looking at the best way I can display the house number 47 on a feature front fence or is this a number I should display more discreetly. Please advise thanks Dj

    1. Hi Tsures,

      6 and 2 adds to 8 which in Feng Shui, is a fantastic number and with regard to the Five Elements, the number 6 represents metal and the number 2 represents earth which is fortunate as metal enhances earth in the productive cycle.

      To put it simply, this is a good number for a home and you should look at this as a positive number. If you wanted to get a number plaque for the home, I would recommend using a good quality slate in rectangular or square shape to compliment this.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Mala,

      I would recommend a metal plate on the front door with the number of your house on in a rectangular shape as this will create all five elements which is known as a Sheng Chi cycle

      Your indivual numbers represent water, metal and fire(1-water, 5-metal, 8-metal, 9-fire)

      Kind regards,

  41. Thinking if buying one of two houses in North Texas one address is 2455 which is a 7 and the other is 553 which is a four worried about my family we have 4 children and these are the best if what if what we can afford will simply putting either address in a circle or maybe an oval help? Thank you for your help!

  42. Hello Daniel,

    My house number is 31. Is this a good or bad number. Drawing a circle in this number can help if its not a good number. Thank you.


    1. Hi Catherine,

      You may have learnt that 31 is an inauspicious number as the two numbers equal to 4 although you have the elements wood and water from the 3 and 1 which can be very good.

      Hope this helps Catherine,

      Kind regards,

  43. Is the numbers 444 in the prefix of you phone number bad? Please let me know so that I can decide what to do.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Kurt,

      I\’m sorry to say but my personal view and the majority of south east Asia would say that this is bad and is not considered a good number.

      Kind regards,

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