Should you use a Ba Gua mirror inside your home or office?

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You would be amazed at the amount of consultations that we have been to and found the occupants have either been told by a practitioner or read a book advising to place a Ba Gua (Pa Kua) (pronounced ‘bah-gwa’ ) mirror inside their home to make their bathroom disappear or some similar nonsense, what a load of codswallop. I cannot stress this enough, NEVER use a Ba Gua inside a home or office.

I don’t care who has told you and how they have justified it. You must must never ever use them indoors. There are circumstances that you can use them, they are special ones that you should not find on any website, we sell them, but only to trained Feng Shui Masters and Practitioners.

The ones that we sell to the public are “before heaven” Ba Gua (see below) these can only be used outdoors, they show the Trigram with three un-broken lines at the top and they come with a hook so you cannot go wrong in placement. Be careful when buying  as we have seen the arrangement completely wrong and this can be very dangerous.

We also only sell wooden with a thin transfer on the facing side as they will show signs of wear which is an indication that the negative energy they have absorbed has weakened them and an indication that they need to be replaced although plastic and metal ones will not do this as they will cause more harm than good in the long run so always use wooden Ba Gua’s and avoid plastic and metal or similar material.

The one you use inside a building are after-heaven Ba Gua, the arrangement of the Trigrams are completely different and can only be used by a trained practitioner.

Before Heaven Ba Gua Mirror to be used outside only.

When should I use a Ba Gua(Pa Kua) mirror?

As I said if you already have one make sure the three solid lines are at the top. They are used to ward off sharp or pointing objects such as traffic, lampposts, objects pointing towards your home, roadway pointing at your home, corners of other houses pointing at you or anything that you feel is threatening.

Generally they are placed above or close to your front door or facing side of your home (if you would like more details on facing directions please visit this link, they can be hidden behind an object if you do not fancy explaining to neighbours or friends what it is. You should not have more than two; the front and back are normal. The are used to deflect negative energy (Sha Chi)

The Ba Gua is extremely powerful and should be used with care and also respect for others, as when you hang one they deflect the bad energy onto the offending object. I have read books and websites that sell these recommending that they place them to deflect bad energy towards a bad neighbour, remember when you do this you make their situation twice as bad and trust me Karma works in mysterious ways.

Michael recently carried out a consultation for a Chinese restaurant in Kent and the Ba Gua across the road from one of their Chinese competitors was about 5 feet in size, now that is big, the average size is 4-6 inches. In Asia there are many tactics used to compete with other businesses, these can be a Ba Gua mirror with pointing arrows on it or a cannon, this will give very bad energy to the company it is pointing at.

Examples of negative energy (sha chi) that you may use a ba gua mirror:

  • A large building or corners of a building especially if they are a negative building such as a prison, hospital, police station, military base, animal research centre, government building or similar.
  • Electric power pylons
  • A T-junction where the road points towards the home or office.
  • Very large trees that are too close to a building
  • A telegraph pole or any sort of tower.
  • Slaughter houses and meat processing factories
  • Unsightly structures or landscapes in front of your home or business.
  • An electrical station or sub-station opposite your home or business.
  • A graveyard, cemetery, mortuary or undertakers opposite your home or office.
  • Generally schools are ok although some upper schools with a bad reputation (mixed hormones) can give a lot of negative sha qi and I would place a flat ba gua mirror pointing towards the school although if they cause you no problems at all I would not use one.

Red, green and gold Ba Gua mirrors

The flat ba gua mirrors we sell will always have the colours red, green and gold and In Feng Shui, each colour is representative of different energies;

  • Red – Represents the summer, illumination and growth.
  • Gold – Represents late summer, growth, productivity and success.
  • Green – Represents spring, inspiration and strength.

Concave ba gua Mirrors

The concave ba gua mirror (bowed inwardly) is used to neutralise and absorb negative energies passively rather than reflecting the energies back, as is the case with flat mirrors (neutral) or more aggressively convex mirrors. A conacave and flat ba gua is an effective and more humane way to disperse harmful energies sha qi without harming those around us. The concave mirror is alos used to bring in positive eneertgy from maybe a junior school or any other positive enerertgy buiding or landscape, either way you should really seek advice from a Feng Shui

Convex Ba gua Mirrors

These are more effective for extremely harmful cha qi like prisons, hospitals and graveyards and you should not use these for normal house neighbours as it can make their situation much worse. Convex (bowed outwards) ba gua mirrors are best used with the supervision of a good Feng Shui master and it is very rare that Michael Hanna would use one of these as it in his words “it is like cracking a walnut with a sledge hammer”

Ba Gua mirrors are one of the most popular Feng Shui symbols of protection and are often referred to as the antibiotic of Feng Shui. In some Feng Shui schools it may also be referred to as a Pa Kua mirror and they are one of the most effective all round cures that can be used to protect your home.

FlatBa gua Mirrors

These are by far the safest to use and are a very effective Feng Shui cure normally placed above your door looking onto the offending object although they can be place in any part of the building. If you are not sure which type of mirror to use it is much safer to use the flat type.

As with all our products they are cleansed from negative energy and empowered with positive energy, this is especially important with a Ba Gua mirror, for more details on purchasing one please visit this link.

******“Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the blows of life”*****

You will find many articles on learning traditional and authentic Feng Shui. They teach you how to use cures and enhancers that nature provides us with, mainly the five elements. As many of you long time subscribers will notice some of the articles are taken from our monthly newsletter. I hope you enjoy them, we will be adding to the resource on a regular basis.

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192 thoughts on “Should you use a Ba Gua mirror inside your home or office?

  1. I use a concave bagua mirror in front of the shaded tree covering near the T section of the road (place on the top side door) would that be okay or bring any luck? I thunk our door facing North. What would you recommend?

    1. Hi Wella,

      That sounds great where you have it located so I wouldnot worry about moving it around.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Daniel

    Thank you so much for your advice. You suggested I use a convex ba gua mirror. With the front of the house facing a church ruin and what was once a graveyard and the rear of the house facing a church and graveyard, are you suggesting I use a convex mirror on the front of the house and the same on the back of the house?

    Thank you for your help with choosing the right mirrors to use.


    1. Hi Anthony,

      I would recommend placing a convex ba gua in both the front and rear as church yards are usually associated with negative energy.

      Kind regards,

  3. I own a condo in a high rise and am having difficulties with a rental neighbor that moved in several months ago. They are noisy and this is steadily getting worst. At first this was only slightly annoying but now my wife and I have to find ways to deal with the disturbances daily and nightly. I’ve met these not so friendly people and speaking with them about it is really out of the question.
    I share a common wall with them. My door faces north and as you exit you see my neighbor’s door about a dozen feet to the left, right at the end of the hallway. Their door faces East.
    I am not allowed to hang any item on my door or in the hallway.
    Can I hang a Bagua mirror on the common wall I share but have the mirror facing the neighbors? Do you have any other suggestions?

    Kind regards,

    1. On 2 occasions in the past I hung a simple shaving mirror against some troublesome co-workers. This was done with the mirrored surface against my cubicle wall pointed toward the co-worker. It actually worked in adjusting their negative behavior against me.

      Would hanging a mirror, with the mirrored surface against the wall of my neighbor, have any effect here?


    2. Hi Chris,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with your neighbours. I would recommend placing a pair of Fu Dogs on the inside of your front door facing outwards for protection and also try placing a Kwan Yin statue in the northeast this year to enhance relationships.

      I hope this helps, Chris and hope you resolve this quickly.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi there. Just a little confused: our house is at a T-junction and the garage door faces the rd. Do I place concave mirror on top of the automatic garage door or is it ok to place it on top of the door inside the garage? (door leading to the kitchen) Thank you.

  5. Hello,
    Our next door neighbors house is directly beside us across from our own driveway and a very small patch of their yard. The tenants on the second floor of the house use a back entrance that is on level with our bedroom on the second floor.
    They are very loud when they come in at any time of the evening and even in the middle of the night and care very little that they disturb us or any other surrounding neighbors. They will often stand outside at the top of the steps and carry on converations with people down on the street on the other side. The police have been called on them repeatedly for noise. They have 3 young children.
    At one time, a report had to be made to the health department for a violation, as they were ‘collecting’ used mattresses (off thr side of the street, we assume) to send to Haiti I think, but they’re were filthy and being left outside in the elements (rain, snow, etc.) and were mildewing and molding. There were 17 or so mattresses and old metal frames on their side yard outside our livingroom and dining room windows. We had to keep our curtains closed all the time because it was a discusting sight when we would have guests over, but especially for ourselves on a daily basis. This went on for upwards of a year.
    On the first floor of the same house is a family whose son (now 18) has been using drugs outside, under the stairway of the 2nd floor neighbors, directly outside our living room windows (20 feet away) for several years – at all hours of the day and night. Often at 6am before school, after midnight, and even in the middle of the day! We’ve spoken to him repeatedly and have tried to speak to the parent(s?) with no luck. I think there may also be 3 very young children that live in the first floor apartment as well.
    Honestly, I would love to see the house be sold to a more upstanding family. Barring that, I would love for us to sell our own house and move out of the city, but have a hard time believing it would be easy with such neighbors.
    Would a ba gua mirror be useful for us in this instance? Where should we place it? Should we have one for first and another for the second floor? I really am not overly concerned if it is visible to them.
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi Karen,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with your neighbours.

      I would recommend hanging a Ba Gua mirror outside your front door to block negative energy coming in to your home.

      You can also use a brass cannon to weaken the negative influence coming from your neighbours.

      I would also take a look at the 2017 Flying Star Analysis for the southwest of your home as this can help disipate arguments and problems

      I hope this helps, Karen and hope your situation with your neighbour improves.

      Kind regards,

  6. Our house is infront of a T junction and garage is directly infront of that road. We already put bagua mirror infront of our house and I noticed my neighbor has a bagua mirror on their front door too. We put a ba gua mirror on the door leading in and out of the garage. would that be ok?

    1. If you think you have an object outside like a large tree, hospital etc then yes you can use a ba gua but if you have nice views in the south i would not.
      Kind regards

  7. Hi, I have a neighbor who is in constant conflict with my family, she is nosey and a trouble maker. I have felt nothing but negative energy from her ever since our first confrontation. Our side of our home faces the front of her home. I was wondering if I should place 3 mirrors for each window (south east ) facing her home upstairs to guard off any negativity being reflected to our family and home. I don’t wish her harm or any negativity, I just want to guard hers from ours.

    1. Hi Sofia,

      You could place a convex or flat ba gua mirror facing towards your neighbours home as this will absorb the energy rather than direct it back.

      Kind regards,

        1. Also, I had 1 more question. Do you do consultations via email? I need help placing items in the correct area, all confused and not sure if I am doing it correct and bringing more bad luck into my home by placing cures in the wrong area. thanks again.

          1. Hi Sofia,

            We do not currently offer email consultations although this is something we will be introducing this year. If you like, I can add you to our mailing list for this.

            Kind regards,

        2. Hi Daniel. Can you please advise me as to which ba gua mirror I should use on the front and the back of my house. The front of my house faces an old church ruin and what was once a graveyard but is now a lawn and the rear of my house faces a church and a graveyard. The front door of the house is not in use. Instead, we use a door on the side of the house. Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you. Anthony

          1. Hi Anthony,

            I would recommend using a convex mirror as this will work best for the church.

            Kind regards,

  8. Hi,
    I want to use the Ba Gua mirrors , the concave or flat mirror, just to protect my house, but I am not sure about the placement. The house I live in is a 2 floor house, I live at the first floor, and at the second floor -my neighbors. The building has a main entrance for both apartments with a small hallway, , then a second door for both apartments, then I have a few stairs to get to the door of my apartment, so that I would be the door from my actual apt, and stairs continue to the second floor apt.
    I am not sure if I should put the mirror above my door, or above the door from outside of building, or the door with the hallway…
    In the back of the house, we have a park, and also my office is there, and I feel somehow it has like a bad energy because it seems like nothing works the right way in this house since we moved here….Can I use a mirror and put above the wondow of the office, or should I put it above the door from the back of the house?
    The room with the office was extended by the previous owner of the house (I rent the apt), so the office has just one side attached to the house, and the other three sides are not attached.
    So in the back of the house, on one half there is the extended office, and on the other side there are stairs again from the first floor to the second floor. Should I put the mirror above the back door pr above the window from the office?
    Thank you, is it possible to tell me the links where I can buy the mirrors from you?

  9. My neighbor across the street has a regular small mirror facing directly at my house(front door) and my family don’t feel good about it. What should I do about it? will a bagua mirror help?

    1. Hi Amy,

      I would recommend placing a convex mirror about the front door as this will disperse any negative energy coming towards the home.

      Kind regards,

  10. We live in a corner house that also sets on T-junction at the front door. It is on higher level than the street. All the main rooms except the kitchen face the T- junction with large windows.
    We also have in the front yard, very close to the house a huge tree (double the size of the house in height). There is another (same size) on the corner of the house.
    My husband is not happy about me putting the bagua, where can I put it that it is not seen by neighbors or his parents that are super religous. If I put it inside on top of the front door facing outside, can I paint the back in white?

    1. Hi Daniela,

      If you would prefer not to use a Ba Gua Mirror, you could place a normal mirror above the door although this will not be as effective.

      I would not recommend placing the mirror on the inside of the home and painting it as this will not be effective.

      Kind regards,

  11. My home is set back between two sets of condos and cannot see anyone coming up my driveway or to the front door except from the Master bedroom. No one has access to that window but the tenant that occupies that room.
    I have had more than my share of thieves, threatening, disturbing and frankly crazy people in and around my house since I moved in. I need for this to stop because it is effecting my health to the point that I have ended up in the er three times this year.
    I do have renters that come and go from the front door. My question is: would placing a (flat) bagua mirror above the front door keep the bad people away from the house, and would it be detrimental or protect the renters that do come and go from that door? It is the only entrance inside the house.
    One other thing. I do have one neighbor in an end condo whos back door/kitchen looks directly at the front door. I have no issues with these people.
    I really want to protect my home and current renters from the negative energy that is coming from the strangers in and around the house.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Caty,

      I would not recommend using a ba gua mirror for your front door and would instead suggest taking a look at the Flying Star Analysis for the year, especially for the 2, 3, 5 and 7 stars as these can affect illness, robbery, disagreements and much more.

      Here are the links for the Flying stars for the rest of this year and next. I would recommend reading through the 2016 analysis to start and see if you have anything in the nw, n, ne or centre that could be causing these problems.

      I hope this helps, Caty.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hi! Is it OK to hang a Concave Ba Gua above the door before entering my office? I don’t want bad energy from other people in the building (there are around 10 offices per floor) to enter mine.
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hi Michael ,

    I have a unique situation , My Swedish house is sitting on top of a single grave( I moved in here 5 years ago) , I had found this through a well known Indian astrologer , because when all 3 of my businesses failed continually I knew that there was something seriously wrong with the Feng shui of my house.

    My question is since this is in the inside of my house , How can I use the bagua mirror effectively ? Or will it suffice if I have a Bagua picture instead of a mirror on the inside of my house ? Thanks in Advance …


    1. Hi Joseph,

      I would not use a ba gua mirror inside the house at all although a ba gua mirror outside the main entrance may help. It would probably best to have a local Feng Shui consultant have a look and see what is going on, it could be a simple fix with the main entrance or an area where you spend a lot of time like an office, bedroom living room etc.

      Good luck Joseph.
      Kind regards

  14. Hi, we have recently bought an old Victorian Terraced property. The main kitchen (basement), lounge and two bedroom windows face oncoming traffic, and sit at the top of the T junction. Our front door is slightly left but Windows face exactly towards oncoming traffic, NE 25*. We have a corner of a huge building on other side of road on our right. Once a Nightclub, closed due to trouble, now seems to be a halfway house, where police are always attending. Can I place a Ba Gua mirror on the top of our window, outside, on the Basement wall, facing the road? Or does it need to be higher up?
    Thank you, Carol.

    1. Hi Carol,
      I would place a ba gua mirror outside and try and place at around car/people level.

      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  15. Hi,

    Our neighbor side entrance is parallel to our house. Windows on the stairs, Side door entrance and Kitchen window are all parallel to our neighbor. If there is no curtain, we all can see each other. I\’m hesitant to put Ba Gua mirror on the side door as they can see it and i will cause an issue to our friendships too. Can I put it inside of the house?

    Do I need to add Ba Gua on each windows parallel to them?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Trish,
      Personally i do not think you should place a ba gua mirror unless you were having real problems with them and by the sound of it, you do not and if they found out you placed one they could be very offended.
      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  16. Hi there.
    Our front door is facing a main st about 3 meters away and cars frequently pass by.can i hang a concave/convex Pakua mirror attached to the top most part of the door? (not on the wall of the house) Is it also ok to hang wind chime at the same time? Thank you.

  17. Hi.
    Our house is at a T junction and the road directly points towards the garage in the back of our house. The masters bedroom is on the 2nd floor directly above the garage. Do i hang bagua mirror outside our window in the masters bedroom or above the door leading to the garage? Do i use flat or convex mirror? Thanks!

  18. Hi there

    I have 2 large front doors at my house that opens wide and right across it is also a big wide window. My mom was always worried that the good energy goes through and through. Can I use a bagua mirror to deflect or keep some of the goodluck inside the house? Right now im using 2 flat regular mirrors on each side. And distance from the door to the window is
    about 10meters. Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Noel,

      I would recommend placing some furniture in between the doors and windows in order to slow the flow of Qi around your home and allow it to split in to other directions.

      Kind regards,

  19. Hello..

    My house has two large front doors that opens wide and directly across it is also a big window. Distance from the door is about 10meters. My mom was always worried about the good energy going through and through. Can i use bagua mirror to deflect and keep the good luck in the house? Right now i just use 2 regular flat mirrors on each side. Thank you for your time..


  20. I live next door to a cemetery and wanted to place a bagua mirror on the side door of the house (facing the cemetery) and the front door which faces the street. Would that be ok? Which mirrors would I need to do this? The effects of the cemetery are causing havoc in my life

    1. Hi Alessia,

      I would recommend hanging a convex Ba Gua mirror outside your home facing towards the cemetery as this will help deflect any negative energy coming towards your home.

      Kind regards,

  21. Dear Daniel,

    We live in an apartment on the top floor. Our front door faces a corner of another apartment. The sharp corner is about 6-7 feet across from our front door. What type of a mirror would your recommend for us to protect us from the sharp corner?
    Thank you!

  22. Hi,
    My front door is facing North,which just a private road leading to prison entrance which we can\’t see from our door except we walk outside looking up to hill on the right side. In other words we can\’t see the prison at all but just the road, across the road only big green field no post no blocks only fences of green hedges. Some prisoners sometime do walk down do cleaning. Should I hang a bagau for this reason. I find my kids, my husband and I everytime returning home seem so many fight and shouting and anger just around the front door. Please advise Annii

    1. Hi Annii,

      A Ba Gua Mirror can help, I would recommend placing a mirror outside your home above your front door; you can either use a flat or concave mirror here.

      I hope this helps, Annii.

      Kind regards,

  23. Hello,

    Can you advised, what I need to hang / put in my main door if the main door facing lift door & I stayed in Condominium?


    1. Hi Gina,

      I would place a Ba Gua Wealth Protection Mirror outside your home above the door.

      Kind regards,

  24. I moved into a home that has a center bathroom, the bathroom has no window. I was advised to hang a bagua mirror above the door inside of my home. What do you suggest?

  25. Hi.
    I live in the 23rd floor of a condominoum building. My door is aligned to the corridor that leads straight to the elevator. Beside the elevator is a mirror which points directly to my door. Should tgis be a concern? In pervious comments, you advised that the bagua should not be put indoors. Also, the building has strict rules- unit owners are not allowed to hang or place anything on their doors or above it. How can I best address this.I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      I would only worry about it if you feel it is having a negative effect on your home. Personally, I would not worry too much about it.

      Kind regards,

  26. hi !
    we are renting a house and eversince we move in this house,our financial situation became worst.Even at work I never pass the metrics anymore to get incentives.I always get nightmares even during the day when i sleep alone and the lights are off.the house has a garage.Do you think can bagua can help us ?what type? and where should we hang it outside the garage or the front door ? thank you so much.

    1. Hi Maria,

      The first thing I would recommend is taking a look at this article and implement the changes in your home. You could place a Ba Gua Wealth Protection Mirror outside the front door of your home, directly above your door.

      I hope this helps Maria and hope things get better.

      Kind regards,

  27. Hello Daniel,

    Can you please advised, what I need to do [should i place Ba Gua] if my main door facing to Lift Door?

    1. Hi,

      You should not place a Ba Gua inside a building as it can cause more harm than good. I would recommend placing a small normal mirror looking on to the lift just above your doorway if possible.

      Kind regards,

  28. Dear Michael,

    My front door is diretly facing the down staircases and on the right is my neighbour facing the up staircases. What kind of bagua should I hang. I understood that concave bagua is the one.


    1. Hi Jimmy,

      I would recommend using a concave mirror as you suggested as this will absorb the energy rather than concentrate it back.

      Kind regards,

  29. Hi Daniel i live in the middle of 5 unit s and had huge issues with the behaviour of the person at the first one. I started looking into feng shui for bad neighbour cures. My mum gave me a bag gua mirror. My front facing side is north of the property however my front door is west and directly faces a little old lady who i think is OK. I put the mirror on the corner of the two on the front porch but it started spinning quite a bit and my computer immedietly stuffed up so i currently have hung it on my front door in a fairly inconsipous position to the neighbours. Should i move it ?

    1. Hi Terase,

      I would recommend placing the mirror towards the problematic neighbours as this will help deflect any negative energy that is coming from them.

      Kind regards,

  30. I move to a house two months ago. In from is a kindergarten and a mortuary house. Is also a tall building with a telecommunication cellphone antenna pillar. A lady with depression lie about me at work and they let me go but I belive was set up or much more(they want me go form long time and not have reasons). I do not have a job now. I place a mirror outside balcony face mortuary house and put a metallic pot with water beside my bed every night, What should I do more to get a job and eliminate spells or misfortune.

    1. Hi Relu,

      I would recommend placing a pair of Fu Dogs outside your front door facing towards these problem areas as this can help deflect and weaken the negative energy coming towards your home.

      I hope things get better for you soon.

      Kind regards,

  31. One side of my small house faces a larger house that is close – the neighbor\’s energy isn\’t horrible, but not terrific and they park their car across from the window –
    ( fortunately not pointing toward me ) – a Bagua mirror wouldn\’t be protected from the elements if I hang it outside and I get it isn\’t a good idea to hang it inside –

    What could I put in the large glass window that would help deflect the energy ?

    1. Hi Zezia,
      Believe it or not you can place a cannon or similar looking object that is quite heavy on your windowsill and point it towards the home, i have had many people get great results with car coil suspension springs placed inside a bush/plant and point towards the home. Personally i would recommend the cannon or similar object.
      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  32. Hi there, i have stairs that face the front door,pls send me some things to keep the chi in the home

    1. Hi,
      You can hang a round faceted crystal sphere between the door and stairs, this will help.
      Kind regards

  33. I am leaving in a house 2nd Floor on T Junction my one bedroom window and one bedroom gallery is facing road what I should do.
    Pls Reply soon

    1. Hi Surenndra,
      I would place a flat ba gua mirror facing onto the T junction and if you use it inside make sure it is placed flat against the glass window.
      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  34. we live in floors where there are only 3 flats. We are at ground floor. Our neighbour at the 1st floor/ just above our house is troublesome. She is a divorced and lives alone with her son. She is jealous of our happy family and has been giving all kinds of trouble for past 12 years but we were always helpful to her in all possible ways. Even saved her life. She is full of negativity for us. Can i place a Ba Gua Mirror at the backyard or front of my house or on a tree facing little upward pointing towards her house. Thanks to pls help.

    1. Hi Seema,
      It is lovely to hear you have a happy family and preserve this i would place a ba gua mirror just pointing upwards, it does not matter where it is placed (back yard facing up sounds good) and it sounds like you have been more than fair to get on with her. Use a flat mirror.
      I hope this helps and best wishes

  35. Hi,
    Very good information, thank you! We live in the second level of west facing house. The stairs to this and the main entrance of the house in facing north. Unfortunately right in front of our main door is the bathroom of our neighbors with Windows to it.
    Could you please let me know if placing a BaGua mirror above our main door would be okay or suggest any other place where we could use it?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Shreyes,
      Just facing your neighbors bathroom window is not that bad although if they are bad neighbors and you have trouble with them i would place a flat ba gua mirror facing the window and if you want the mirror can be hidden behind a plaque or something similar. If the neighbors are ok i would not bother.
      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  36. Hi Daniel,
    I have a convex bagua mirror but I am hesitant to place it above my front door as I have read that they need to be used only if it has been advised. My front door of the apartment faces my neighbour\’s wall (it used to be the neighbor\’s second entry door to the apartment but now they have closed off it with a wall) which is 2.5m away from my front door. My front door also faces a stairwell.
    Should I place the bagua convex mirror or should I leave it?

    1. Hi Pratichi,

      I would not recommend using a Convex mirror as this will refelect any negative energy back to your neighbour. I would use a concave mirror as this will absorb the negative energy.

      Kind regards,

  37. Hi, my ensuite bathroom in my room is placed exactly in the relationship area….I\’m 44 and single!…my Feng Shui consultant told me to place bagua mirrors on all four walls inside the bathroom….its rented property so I can\’t do much to change the floor plan..what do u think? If no mirrors…what do u recommend?

  38. Hi, Our office door is facing another office door which is a Doctor\’s office. A lot of sick patient. Can we use a BaGua mirror and what kind? We always live our door open for Clients to come in. If we put BaGua we can only hang it inside our office not in the hallway. Hope you can help. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Des,

      You should not hang a Ba Gua Mirror inside a building as this can cause a lot of problems. I would recommend placing a screen between the doors if possible.

      Kind regards,

  39. I recently moved into a house and the previous owners has a ba gua hanging at the front of the house. The landlord has given me new ones to hang. How do I dispose of the old ones?

    1. Hi Tina,

      You should wrap the old Ba Gua in tissue or cloth and dispose of it carefully in a bin outside your home.

      Kind regards,

  40. Hi

    My house is on a t junction on a higher elevation i have placed a bagua on top of the front door and above the garage. My back sliding door however fave the road should input a bagua there too? I currently have a haning chime on the tree. Any advice?

    1. Hi Nino,

      A Ba Gua mirror above your front door will work well in this case. You can place one above your garage door if you wish although it is not necessary.

      Kind regards,

  41. Hi Dan,

    Infront of our house (rightside) is a very tall coconut tree (less than a meter away from our window). What should i do to eliminate those negative energies?

    1. Hi Deutz,

      The easiest option is to place a Ba Gua mirror towards the coconut trees as this will deflect the negative energy.

      Kind regards,

  42. We live in a 2nd floor apartment. Our balcony door faces North towards a busy intersection. I have hung a flat Ba Gua above it. Was this correct?

    Our Southern facing front door sits directly in front of stairs leading down and then turning East at the halfway point down to the first floor. Our font door also faces a water tower that is off to the left. Is this a problem?

    I am not sure if our apartment owners would approve of a Ba Gua above the front door. Our downstairs neighbor causes us a lot of problems and I am not sure what to do to deflect their energy. Any advice and help is deeply appreciated!

    1. Hi Marie,

      Apologies for the late reply.

      The Ba Gua sounds well placed where it is.

      I would not worry about placing a mirror outside the main apartment building as your own apartment will not be affected from this.

      I would take a look at the 2016 Flying Star Analysis for recommendations to enhance relationships:

      I hope this helps, Marie.

      Kind regards,

  43. Hi Daniel,

    Our house is West facing and facing a T intersection.It is a not that busy and an intersection within a housing complex. What are the best ways to reduce the bad chi/ negative energy? Can I hang a convex Bagua mirror outside?


    1. Hi Menaka,

      I would place a Ba Gua Wealth Proteciton mirror outside the front of your home above the door to counteract this negative Qi.

      Kind regards,

  44. Hello, we have just recently purchased a new home… (New to us) there was a bagua mirror hanging above my daughters bedroom door inside the room. What could this have meant? The house has since been painted and the mirror is gone. But why would someone hang it inside? it was also the previous owners daughters room. Could this have caused anything negative to the home?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Ba Gua Mirrors are used to deflect negative energy so it could be something as simple as the daughter was being bullied. Ba Gua Mirrors should not be hung inside and it is good that this has been removed from your home.

      If you are OK with it, I would recommend burning some sage and smudging the smoke around the home to clear the energy although this is down to preference.

      Kind regards,

  45. I bought a house and my front is facing stairs. Should I put a BaGua mirror on top of my interior wall facing the stairs? Can\’t afford losing money.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      When you say facing stairs, do you mean the door has stairs going down or a set of stairs on the same height as the door?

      If the stairs are going down, you would not need a Ba Gua Mirror for this.
      If there are stairs going up in front of your door, a Ba gua Mirror would be well placed here.

      I hope this helps, Sharon.

      Kind regards,

  46. Hi, We have rented a commercial space in the 2nd floor of a 2-story open building. The previous tenant left a bagua hanging on top of the door. We are not sure what type of bagua this is and if we should have it removed. Also, if we remove the bagua, is there a procedure for removing the bagua? Thank you!

    1. Hi Agnes,

      Personally, I would remove the Ba Gua and place it in a bin gently as this will have stored a lot of negative energy over time. When you take the Ba Gua down, all you need to do is take care and not knock it about. I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  47. Hi im living in an apartment where can i place the bagua mirror we are in a hallway apwe live in the 2nd floor i have 2 windows living room and our bedroom as well can you pls tell me what is the best place to hung the bagua?

    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      You could hang the Ba Gua mirror either outside the front entrance to the whole apartment block or you could hang them outside above your windows.

      Kind regards,

  48. Hi,

    My front door leads out to a wooden patio and a tree that blocks the view of the road, Once walking down the steps of the patio there is a main road and a T junction (facing the house) (however the direction of the cars if driving in direct line to the house would veer towards the corner and driveway of the house not in direct line to the house).
    There are also traffic lights. I can\’t seem to pinpoint why I don\’t feel settled here and can only put it to these factors.
    I am thinking of using wind chimes and a bagua mirror. Where should I place them> The house faces North.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      I would recommend hanging the Ba Gua mirror outside above the front door. Traffic lights can bring a lot of varied energy with the intervals and different colours.

      I would place the wind chime in the west this year and move it to the northeast next year.

      I hope this helps, Rachel.

      Kind regards,

  49. Hello Denial,
    My rented house is on T Junction i live on 2nd floor and my building owners on 1st floor what remedies i do for T junction as its 25 meters road opposite also a house than this my house and rare traffic pls suggest me.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Surenndra,

      I would place a Ba Gua mirror outside the home above the main door facing towards the t junction as this will disperse the negative energy travelling towards the home.

      Kind regards,

  50. Hello daniel
    I stay in a groundfloor flat facing east direction. My main entrance door is 134 deg SE. In front of door is the 8m away the Neem tree which is in a garden. Secondly in front of window 100 deg East is electric pole which is 10-12 feet. This window is in the Drawing room. I was having a good job with good salary package. But last year I had a bad health and lost my job. But now I am perfectly good with health only getting a job is a problem secondly finance is also not much. Does this Ba gua mirror help.
    shailesh kumar kavi

    1. Hi Shailesh,

      I would recommend placing a Ba Gua Mirror outside the front of your home pointing towards the pole, tree etc as this will disperse the negative energy away from the home.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Shailesh,

      I would recommend placing a Ba Gua Mirror outside the front of your home pointing towards the pole, tree etc as this will disperse the negative energy away from the home and monitor the results.

      Kind regards,

  51. Hello Daniel,

    My house front door faces a blank big wall/I cant see anything except the wall standing near the door. Should I place a mirror or can you please give me some remedy.


    1. Hi Mukund,

      A mirror can help, yes, although if the wall is quite close to the door, it could trap Qi. I would recommend making the area as light and tranquil as possible to invite fresh Qi to the area.

      Kind regards,

  52. We just purchased a restaurant in a plaza and we have not been doing very well. Facing us are a bank and McDonald\’s which are somewhat hiding out restaurant from road views. Should we use a Concave or convex mirror? And where to place it?


    1. Hi Marc,

      Congratulations on your restaurant. I would recommend placing a convex mirror to disperse any negative energy away from the shop and make sure that the front entrance is always clean and tidy. If weather allows, it is also good to leave the door open when possible to invite fresh Qi in to the restaurant.

      I hope this helps Marc and good luck.

      Kind regards,

  53. Hi,
    Good day,

    My house main door facing the road and lamp post and the electric post along it. Can hanging the bagua to prevent the negative energy? I work for 11yrs but the income saving also not much. Please advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sim,

      Yes, I would recommend using a Ba Gua Mirror outside the home or you could place a brass cannon outside the home and point it towards the lamp post.

      I hope this helps Sim.

      Kind regards,

  54. I have neighbors that send their negative vibes on a daily basis.My family and I are blessed and the people around me not so much because they prefer to do drugs,party,they are loud some fight .We get stalked,harrassed,envious looks.So far I have a mini cannon outside and some mirrors facing the offending people.So far I also have plants around my duplex.I would like to know how to repel jealous and envious stare and energy from neighbors in the duplex next to us they are in the front and we have the back duplex .My front door faces a wall but when I come outside I can feel negative energy

    1. Hi May,

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your neighbours. As you already have Ba Gua mirrors and a cannon outside your home, I would recommend a fence or screening between your home and your neighbours as this will help block their negative Qi travelling to your home.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  55. Hi Daniel,
    There is a ba gua mirror above our front door that was there when we purchased our home 5 years ago. We never knew what it was but didn\’t think much of it and so just left it there all this time. I\’m not sure what kind of ba gua mirror it is, but it is not red, gold or green? Anyhow, we have been struggling financially for the last 3 to 4 years and lately it just seems nothing is working out for my husband. So I just wonder if this mirror is a good thing or not? Do you think we should keep it or remove it? Thank you very much for your time and response. Regards, Betty

    1. Hi Betty,

      If you are able to send a photo to, that would be great so I can advise a bit better. Ideally, you should replace Ba Gua Mirrors every year or two as they will store a lot of negative energy.

      Kind regards,

  56. Hi Michael,

    I am very much interested with Ba Gua. My family will be transferring to new house comes October this year. The orientation of the doors inside the house is giving me a lot of stress as they are facing each other. Just wondering what kind of Ba Gua we need to use to neutralize and eventually overpower all the negative vibes it will bring to my family, please. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.



    1. Hi Alan,

      I would recommend a Wealth protection Ba Gua mirror as this is good all round and not just for deflecting negative energy from the home. I would recommend leaving the internal doors open throughout the day to allow the Qi to flow around the home also.

      Kind regards,

  57. Hello,

    I am from INDIA. My house is situated at LPoint. I can see the straight street if i open my Main door and also the balcony. My main door faces the south direction. Can i use a Flat Bagua mirror above to my main door to diffuse the negative energy?My daughter face so many illness after i have moved to the house. Where do i get a flat Bagua mirror. Could you please help me with some consultation.


    1. Hi Vignesh,

      A Ba Gua Mirror can help when you have a lot of traffic moving towards your house. I would recommend a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror on the front of your home. We sell these on our website and ship to India daily.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hello Daniel,

        Thanks for the reply. using a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror will also prevent from illness and health related problems?
        Also could you please give me the direct link to buy that since i am unable to search it in your website.


      2. Hello Daniel,

        I had a look at the Ba Gua Wealth protection mirror. Are they flat or convex or concave? Because placing a convex mirror should not affect the neighbours since it may reflect me in the future. Will one mirror above the door be enough? Once i purchase should i install it immediately or i can keep the package as received in my temporary home and then take it to my actual home after a week?

        Also i heard that misplacing the mirror may affect ourselves. Hope the flat mirrors do not affect that since they are considered as neutral effect.

        Vignesh S

        1. Hi Vignesh,

          Yes, the ba gua wealth mirror is flat and very safe to use, once you buy one you can install straight away although if you do not you should wrap it in newspaper or similar and store in a draw or cupboard until you hang it, even if they are misplaced, with a flat mirror there is no harm.

          I hope this helps Vignesh, have a lovely weekend

          Kind regards


          1. Hello Michael,

            what is the usual import duty and tax for Ba Gua wealth protection mirror. Could you please help on this.

          2. Hi Vignesh,

            As far as I can tell, you would not be charged import duty or tac on a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror as it is only under £4.89 gbp.

            Kind regards,

      3. Hello Daniel, I have bought Bagua Wealth protection mirror from you and have received it. I found the mirror with the coin pasted at the back side and also two more coins additional. Do i need to paste them also or i should it place any where else in the home? Could you please let me know what should i do with the two additional coins.

        1. Hi Vignesh,

          The two coins in the envelopes should be placed with important paperwork or in a wallet or purse as these are used to promote new wealth.

          Kind regards,

  58. Hello, In front of our business center is a store with 16 pointed materials made of wood all pointing to our 3 big glass windows with 4 posts. Will bagua mirror helped? If so how many pcs shall i place? Shall i place it in the posts? If ever, what color should we consider? by the way our window is facing east. Thank you in advance for your help


    1. Hi Antonio, from what you have told me, I would recommend using a convex Ba Gua Mirror above your business centres main entrance. The kind to use is the same available on our store if you search Convex Ba Gua Mirror.

      Kind regards,

  59. I\’m year of the horse and read in basic research it would be a tough year.
    We have atrocious new neighbors. Endless harassment. Property damage, intentionally trying to cause serious harm multi times, lying to police. Something new almost every day for the past four months.
    Our home faces NE and they live on the W side.
    So far I have hung 6 tube metal wind chime in the SW corner of the yard. And a small 4 rod bamboo one as well. If I need to move these (or one), please let me know.
    Thinking about the three leg toad to place in the N(?) and the \”salt water cure\” to put on the mantelpiece which is on the W side of the home.

    Corrections and or other suggestions welcome.

    p.s. It was just suggested to me on a forum to use one of these ba gua mirrors (though they claim to not feel comfortable with them themselves… desperate times, literally). Your feed back would be appreciated. Reading your feedback here… would a concave one serve our situation better? Where can I get a proper one that will ship to the states? I live across the pond.. and west coast.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Inky,

      I would take the bamboo wind chime down and see if that makes a difference. I\’d also recommend the salt water cure, three legged toad and I would also take a look here as the 3 star in the centre can cause a lot of conflict and arguments this year.

      A convex or concave Ba Gua Mirror would work well for you if you face it towards your neighbours property. We ship to the states daily although if you would rather buy locally, a quick google search should show up local stores.

      I hope you things get better with your new neighbours Inky.

      Kind regards,

  60. We are not allow to hang any thing on the windows or fromt facina of the restaurant inside the mall. However we could hang anything behind the big windows. Is it possible to hang the bagua mirro behind the windows (still facing out) or bagua mirror has to be outside and facing out?

    1. Hi, it is much better to hang a ba gua mirror outside but you can place it inside as long as sits flat against a window pane, hope this helps

  61. Hi we are in an apartment our son is being attacked by evil spirits. We all are actually, we can smell the burning smell gross smells. It\’s hard to explain them. It\’s inside and out. We were given a mirror, and hanged it, now the San side has black sauge,s on it. What do we do, it\’s only been up for three days we live in an apartment and we r told to put it indoor but we can\’t hang mirrors in the window now we are getting lost thank you

    1. Hi Angie,

      I\’m so sorry to hear that your family are being attacked. If you were given a Ba Gua Mirror, they should never be hung indoors and should go outside at all times so I would recommend placing it outside. I would recommend cleansing your home by smudging the apartment by burning sage and filling the rooms with the smoke to rid the apartment of negative energy.

      I hope this helps Angie and also hope that you soon find peace.

      Kind regards,

  62. Hi Daniel,
    I\’m moving into a rental property that has good fengshui prospects inside, however the owner has planted two big spiky desert plants on either side of the front door, and there is a direct line from the front gate. The plants are quite big. Would a concave ba gua mirror assist to break down potential shar chi from the plants?

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      Yes a Concave mirror would be a good idea or you could place something covering the plants such as a tall border.

      Kind regards,

  63. HI! I was wondering if would be alright just to place the Ba Gua on my door outside, or next to my doors apartment, on the side!
    Was a gift, but i really dont know what to do with it!I was told once, this type of mirror, should be used outside the house, but i live in an apartment! Could u help me , please?
    Thanks! Best regards,

    1. Hi Ed,

      Ba Gua Mirrors should always be used outside a home and can do more harm than good when placed indoors. You could hang it outside your apartment window facing out if you like.

      Kind regards,

  64. Hi …
    I have a very difficult neighbour who has moved in upstairs. She has gangs of people around shouting all night long, fighting, taking drugs, they are trying to intimidate everyone. And when there is not these gatherings she is making lots of internal problem, she called the police to my flat on false allegations.. she is a troublemaker. We share a front door to the main building.
    I have a flat buaga mirror above my front door… and directly in front my front door is the main building door.
    So technically my mirror is inside the front entrance. Can i use a mirror to deflect the bad intentions from my neighbour, her actions are really poisonous, and i feel like she is starting to direct them towards me.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Alexa,

      I would not recommend placing a Ba Gua Mirror indoors as this can cause more problems than good. I would place a Ba Gua Fu Pai Master Cure in your apartment as this is a good all round cure. I hope your problem with your neighbour resolves itself quickly.

      Kind regards,

  65. Hi there, I was wondering if I would be able to receive some help. I would like to learn feng shui where can I learn it from a legitimate teacher/source and I was wondering how if could tell if what talisman and which bagua mirror to use outside of my home?

    Thank you very much


  66. Hi,

    Should I place the normal mirror in living room on the wall which faces the patio?
    Please note patio has full length windows and some good sunlight comes from windows.
    By placing mirror this way I want to illuminate my living room more.
    But some sites says it is not good to keep mirror facing windows, please help me decide

    1. Hi Sheetal, it is not the best idea to place the mirror here although you can try it out and see how things go and remove if any problems arise.

      Kind regards,

  67. Hi Daniel,

    I have noisy neighbors with bad energy downstairs. Since there is no insulation, I can hear everything they do and speak non-stop, including slamming their doors about every 10 min. They refused to change behavior and I couldn\’t find a new apartment yet. Would a Ba Gua mirror help inside my apartment on the floor facing down? It is often suggested not to use them inside, so I\’m unsure. If it would help, which type do you recommend?

    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. Hi Silvia,

      Ba Gua Mirrors should not be used indoors, you are right and I would not recommend using one.

      What you can do is place one outside a window to minimise any external negative Qi.

      Hope this helps Silvia and good luck with finding peace.

      Kind regrds,

  68. Hello,

    I just moved into a house of eight people near my university. The rooms are separate however we do share a common areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. The door to my room is unfortunately in the direct path of the front door. Would I be able to hang a Ba Gua mirror above my door inside? Will this negatively affect my housemates?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Florence,

      Ba Gua mirrors should never be placed inside a building. You could place it on the window outside your house or at the front of the home if you wish. The Ba Gua would have no effect on your housemates if this was placed outside the home.

      Kind regards,

  69. Hi Daniel,

    Our house front door is facing the road which in SE or ES direction. The road in S direction is pointing at us/house which just like a almost a U shape and were in the corner of the curve of the U.

    I finish my engineering degree in one of the Top University and in Purchasing as well but no luck in finding a job, mostly in retail and contract. My wife almost lost her job which she spent her entire career for almost 20 yrs. I always have this chronic cough and easily get sick and the worst is that I have a big debt because I cannot find a good JOB…


    I will appreciate much any advise or help you might extend.

    Thank you so much Daniel.

    1. Hi Wilfredo,

      I\’m sorry to hear about yours and your wives situation. Have you been following the Annual and monthly Flying Stars on here? They\’re a great way to get things more presise for your home and make the most out of what you have in all different aspects of your life like career and finances. One good way to attract wealth and career is to focus on the south this year as the #8 Flying Star is here.

      Hope this helps Wilfredo.

      Kind regards,

  70. Hi
    Please help us. Our house is west facing , there is a tree in front of our main door and T junction is opp to my main door. I have a Chinese neighbour she ask me to contact you for help. I saw things on your website but I don\’t know what things I need to order to protect my home and family and income.

  71. Hi sir
    My house facing west but main door is on southwest corner And it is on t junction. Is bagua help us for negative energy
    Please reply

    1. Hi Hseera,

      If the T junction is busy, I would recommend placing a Ba Gua Mirror as you suggested.

      Kind regards,

  72. Thanks for your response Daniel. I have one more question to ask, It would be of great help if you can answer the same.

    I have a another house in the basement & it has a North facing door. There is a wall in front of the door, Do you suggest the wall would produce any negative energy.. If so, Do I have to place another mirror or something else to fix this issue.

    Waiting for your response, Thanks in advance.

  73. Hello Daniel,
    I have been disturbed by a bad neighbor…He has put a regular mirror outside his front deck facing my living room window…would you recommend placing a concave or convex Ba Gua Mirror facing his?
    Also can you place more than one Ba Gua Mirror around your property?

    Thank You for your time…

    1. Hi Marc,

      I would recommend placing a convex mirror to disperse the negative energy coming from the mirror on the deck. You can use more than one Ba Gua Mirror although I would not recommend putting two next to each other as this could clash with the other mirror.

      Kind regards,

  74. Hi,

    My neighbor across the street has a bagua mirror facing directly at my house. What should I do about it? Much help is appreciated.

    1. Hi David,

      You can either place a Ba Gua mirror pointing back to his home or you could block the path of the mirror by placing something like a bush or large decoration to block the path of the mirror.

      Kind regards,

  75. Thanks for your reply Daniel, Would this Concave mirror solve my below problem aswell? Please advise further..

    My family has been having more and more health related issues since we moved into our new home and financially it has been deteriorating since we moved in. The relationship between me & my wife is very worst…End up fighting very often on small – small issues. My house has EAST facing door. Would it be wise to hang a concave bagua mirror above the front door? Or should I also place an Wind chime in my balcony or place an Gold Toad wealth guardian for wealth accumulation?

  76. Hello Daniel,

    I have a electric pole & a coconut tree in front of my house, Would a Ba Gua mirror help? If so, Should I be using a concave or Convex

    1. Hi Mukund,

      I would recommend using a concave Ba Gua Mirror to help disperse the energy rather than direct it back at the pole and tree.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  77. Hello,
    I have been having problems at work with negative energy since we moved to a new building and with a new co- worker. Is there a way I can hang a Ba Gua mirror outside my office door effectively to change the energy since I can\’t hang it outside the building? Any help & direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      You should never hang a Ba Gua mirror inside a home or office as this can cause a lot of problems in the building. I would recommend using a Shou Kun qi Fu (trapped qi talisman) Wish & romance enhancer in your office instead to try and mend the relationship.

      Hope this helps Kathleen 🙂

      Kind regards,

  78. Hello,
    Wonderful and informative, thank you.
    Recently we have had the strangest luck from threatening inlaws, stalkers, harassment etc. So much bizarre energy!
    I was wondering if this mirror may be suitable for such incidences , any advice is greatly appreciated
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Dan,

      The first thing to do is look outside your home and see if there are any poison arrows directing to your front door and if so, a Ba Gua mirror could help this. If there are no poison arrows pointing to your home, it would be worth taking a look at the Flying Star Chart of your home.

      Kind regards,

  79. Hi,

    I\’m not sure the position of my entrance door and I had so many issues when I bought my house. I found out that a lot of problems so I wasn\’t happy. Now renovation is on progress…however I want to get rid of the negative energy surrounding my house so that my family will be protected and benefit from the positive energy given by the Ba gua mirror. Will you please tell me which type I need to buy.

    Thank you.


  80. Hello, my family has been having more and more health related issues since we moved into our new home. Even our pets suffer from same health issues we humans do. Plants do not grow well, and financially it has been deteriorating since we moved in. Would it be wise to hang a concave bagua mirror above the front door? Can a bagua mirror cure geopathic stress? Thank you.

    1. Hi Day,

      I would not recommend this as Ba Gua Mirrors should not be hung inside. The best option is to hang a Ba Gua facing where the vehicle is parked.

      Kind regards,

  81. I have just purchased a concave ba gua mirror. Is it o.k. to place it in a windo facing out, as I really have no place to put it outside, without it being taken?

    1. Hi Deric,

      It is not advisable to place them inside although you could hang it on a piece of string and hang it on the outside through the upstairs window.

      Hope this helps Deric,

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi B Saj,

      how far is the tree from your home?If it is fairly close (around a metre) I would not recommend using a Ba gua Mirror as this can trap the Qi in a confined space.

      Kind regards,

  82. My flat faces my neighbours flat , we are no longer speaking and I don\’t feel comfortable in my home. My mother suggested getting a bagua and a friend said to get a plant and chimes as the placement of our doors was bad. What should I do.

  83. We have houses being built at the back of my house. Where I also work from a home office. I feel like I will be boxed in as these houses are at the bottom of my garden. would I put a Ba Gua mirror on the outer wall or in a window facing out. It is making me feel abut down and closed in. Feel I need to protect my home, family and business. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Dawn,

      I would recommend using a Convex Ba Gua mirror to disperse any negative energy coming towards your home from these new homes as the shape of the mirror will disperse the negative energy all around and will not do any harm to occupants of the new property. I hope your situation gets better 🙂

      Kind regards,

  84. My next door neighbour has been extremely disturbing over the last few years and continues to do so with increasing rage. Will the bagua mirror be helpful?

    1. Hi Sam,

      A Ba Gua Mirror will work very well for this if you use a concave mirror as this will not deflect the energy back at him, try to place it facing towards your neighbours home.

      Kind regards,

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